Case Study

QMetry – Gamechanger for software development

Texas Instruments is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that sells to electronic designers and manufacturers across the world. The company previously used Excel with several multi-location QA teams, often working on the same file with masses of different sheets. It soon became a logistical nightmare and the problem further escalated while tracking and monitoring various test cases and management of test runs. They required a solution for all of these challenges, as well as a tool that integrated with Jira.

The Challenge

Distributed QA teams produced large volumes of test data

Existing tool Excel became a logistical nightmare with several file versions

Unable to track, monitor and manage test cases and test runs

Required an agile solution that offered Jira integration

Our Approach

QMetry’s ability to organize and track different track cases for UI testing, allowed the teams to test more frequently and ensure their UI testing was up to speed

Increased agility enabled QA teams to execute their runs within the sprints to ensure continuous integration and continuous development adhering to quality.

Engagement Benefits

Jira integration increased speed and frequency of testing

Better tracking, monitoring and organization of test cases

More effective sprints and continuous delivery

Improvement in testing speed, volume and efficiency

“We did a comprehensive analysis of each one of the shortlisted tools. We looked into the features and what the various tools offered and we settled with QMetry for Jira as the solution for the entire Jira instance at Texas Instruments. This tool has definitely been a gamechanger for our software development team. We do a lot more testing now than ever because of the way we are able to integrate test cases and execute test runs within Jira itself.“

HWA YU, Engineering Manager

Texas Instruments

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