Case Study

Migrating from Excel to an Integrated Solution with JIRA and QMetry Test Management

Stanford University today is a global leader in teaching, research, innovation and service. Its HighWire Press is a leading ePublishing platform. It partners with independent scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university presses to facilitate the digital dissemination of 2,500 journals, reference works, books, and proceedings.

QMetry Test Management Tool provided its growing distributed QA team a better solution to collaborate between themselves on test cases and with development using JIRA.

The Challenge

The QA team was managing test cases in Excel and experiencing many limitations.

Excel lacked reporting abilities, unable to display data through graphs.

QA team wanted a formal process or solution for managing test cases.

Integration with JIRA was key criterion for the test management platform.

Our Approach

Bi-directional integration with JIRA enabled meaningful linking of test cases and requirements with defects and a centralized place to add comments.

Offered an insightful reporting solution with advanced data charting capabilities and the ability to organize and execute test cases within test suites.

Engagement Benefits

Seamless migration from excel based test case management to QMetry.

Improved testing process through QMetry and brought efficiencies.

Easy and broad visibility into testing content and reporting.

Exceptional implementation support and requirements traceability

“QMetry Test Management is central to our testing efforts now. It has helped me build a more professional QA organization within HighWire. My team is significantly more productive than the days where we used Excel for Test Case Management. I definitely think it can be used by my counterparts in other departments at Stanford.“


Stanford University

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