The need for Continuous Testing in the DevOps era

Adopt Continuous Testing to fulfill “Need for Speed” with High Quality

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Many reports and surveys suggest that when it comes to DevOps, organizations find QA to be a bottleneck. Often, they can’t implement Continuous Testing fully or lack the tools and processes for test orchestration in the pipeline.

To do so successfully, you not only need to move testing upstream, but you also need to adopt the right set of test practices.

In practice, continuous testing is the process of testing early, testing frequently and comprehensively, using automation to achieve the release goals.

Here are best practices that help you achieve Continuous Testing:

  • Service Virtualization
  • Test Data Management
  • Test Automation
  • Testing Across Pipeline
  • Feedback Loops

Download this comprehensive guide to implement continuous testing across your CI/CD cycle and learn how you can optimize your current processes.

The Need For Continuous Testing In Devops Era

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