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Understand how self-healing increases the power of automation by reducing maintenance time and costs

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Test automation is ideal for the functions and features that are least likely to change. The downside is that such scripts, written for a stable code are not reviewed often. This leads to unexpected issues when the underlying code function is changed. It modifies the operation of a tested feature. We have a new problem on hand; the code has changed but the script has not and now there are false positives.

This results in Test automation becoming an expensive and redundant activity. What teams need is a great locator strategy for the system to reduce the maintenance efforts for the automation suite considerably.

What is Self-healing?

In QAS, Self-healing of scripts automatically detects altered elements to find out the locators without any manual intervention from testers. QAS will re-test the script and notify the user whether the suggested solution has worked or not.

In case any of the alternate elements are unable to get the locators, QAS provides an option to users to fetch the correct locators at run-time. In this guide, you will learn more about the benefits of Self-healing in QAS.

Download this comprehensive guide to understand how Self-healing works.

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