Intelligent Test Automation:

Use AI and ML-backed automation to supercharge your Digital Transformation Journey

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Digital transformation is here and now and the key challenge is to achieve the agility, quality and efficiency paradigm. Digital maturity demands adoption of mature Agile and DevOps principles.

As organizations scale up the challenges for quality only surmount. Test Automation has solved many of the speed and volume problems that organizations face. The complex and competitive landscape demands faster sprints and smarter adoption of test automation.

However, the Agile lifecycle demands that Automated Testing should cover more ground now and faster. Speeding up your digital transformation is possible by leveraging test automation intelligently.

Intelligent Test Automation – led by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is the evolutionary approach that optimize your quality lifecycle.

Download this whitepaper how you can move beyond automation with:

  • Reusable framework with data-driven testing to aid prioritization of test cases
  • Optimize test coverage and test depth for better management
  • Cognitive defect prediction and prescriptive analysis
  • Intelligent Result Analysis to improve the response rate

Intelligent Test Automation not only maximizes the coverage but also reduces time to market with insights and predictive suggestion models to help you prioritize and optimize.

Intelligent Test Automation

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