Guide to Continuous Testing for the Banking and Financial Services sector

How Continuous Testing can be the ace up your sleeve in fueling digital transformation?

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The Banking and Financial Sector is one of the biggest consumers of IT services. Since banking applications are largely customer-facing and deal with sensitive data, it is important that the apps deliver a fine balance between user experience, security, performance and quality.

Accelerating digital transformation in banking requires a renewed focus on software quality. From handling user load to integration with multiple other apps, to secure transactions, regulatory compliance and supporting complex workflows, there are many stringent requirements. It is no surprise that banks rank high on the DevOps maturity scale as they are early adopters of continuous integration and deployment to stay competitive and agile.

This guide talks about the role that Continuous Testing by enabling:

  • Agile Methodology for customer centric software development
  • Orchestration of the CI/CD pipeline
  • High quality with speed
  • Meeting the regulatory and compliance requirements

Find out how banks at various stages of their digital transformation can adopt continuous testing to improve their outcomes and ROI.

Guide To Continuous Testing For The Banking and Financial Service Sector

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