Agile Test Management Guide

An organization’s handbook to managing quality in the Agile era

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In the race for digital transformation, the one constant that remains is delivering quality digital experiences at speed. To deliver this quality at speed paradigm, so­ftware development and testing ecosystems have embraced the Agile methodology.

The essence of Agile testing practice is that it incorporates testing into the dev process, rather than keeping it a separate SDLC phase. In this guide, we discuss how businesses can apply the main principles of Agile Software Development. From the core principles of Agile testing to fitting it into your test strategy, setting up an Agile team and best practices for aligning testing with delivery, this is a comprehensive guide that covers it all.

Find out how you can resolve practical implementation challenges in Agile testing by:

  • Designing an appropriate Test Plan
  • Setting up an Agile Testing Team
  • Choosing the right Agile approaches for your organization
  • Using test automation to implement regression testing
  • Leverage traceability and specialized skills such as TDD
  • Enable Continuous Testing and DevTestOps

Download this guide to understand the process, strategy, planning, challenges and best practices of agile test management.

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