Digital Transformation through AI-driven software quality

Join us in a Techwell Webinar to discuss the evolution and future of software testing driven by AI

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QMetry in association with Techwell presents Chuck Davis and Deepak Parmar in a web seminar to discuss the AI-driven testing in the digital transformation

In this webinar, Chuck and Deepak discuss the future of software testing driven by AI and travel through the evolving software quality landscape over the last couple of decades expanding into the future.

This webinar covers:

  • The journey of software quality so far
  • AI driven digital transformation
  • AI Driven quality for Software testers in Agile / DevOps
  • Getting ready for AI driven future with QMetry’s AI Enabled Digital Quality Platform

Join Deepak as he speaks with our expert – Chuck Davis who has managed multiple test projects and software testing teams across global organizations.

About Our Experts

  • Chuck Davis

    Director – QA/Build and Release Services, University of California – San Diego

    Chuck Davis have been in the Software Quality Assurance discipline since 2002. Scrum Certified by Ken Shwaber (one of the founder/creators of SCRUM), he started his career in consumer electronics working for Bose that combined not only hardware but integrated onboard software/firmware. This initial base knowledge allowed him to traverse his way through quality organizations within a variety of companies from Financial Services, SaaS, back to consumer electronics, in house solutions, point of sale units to mobile apps and web. For the past 20 years, he has grown, learned, changed direction, but most importantly never stopped pushing the envelope of what is possible.

  • Deepak Parmar

    Head of Marketing, QMetry

    Deepak is leading the marketing organization at QMetry, the # 1 AI enabled Digital Quality Platform. He loves to engage technologists, business leaders, thought leaders, and storytellers in meaningful conversations. Through this he explores new trends, articulate best practices, and connect cutting edge technology to market needs in software quality domain. He has managed the launch and growth of SaaS based software quality products as well as software security products over the last one and the half decades.

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