Continuous Testing: The Game-Changer in the Post-Covid Software Ecosystem

Join QMetry in this webinar with XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew to understand how Continuous Testing gains wider significance in the new normal.

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Continuous Testing: The Game-Changer in the Post-Covid Software Ecosystem

QMetry’s Deepak Parmar in conversation with XBOSoft CEO, Philip Lew raises some important questions about the ‘continuous culture’ and the ever-evolving DevOps paradigm in the new reality of WFH, remote and shrinking time-to-market cycles.

In this webinar, we will learn how software development paradigms have shifted post-Covid and how continuous testing is the key differentiator that will enable teams to deliver Quality at Speed.

How can organizations recreate the same magic in the WFH context with the help of the right People, Processes and Tools?

  • Implementing best practices to ensure Continuous Testing
  • Optimizing Test Automation and integrations with CI/CD tools and repositories
  • Creating continuous feedback loops to shift left and mitigate critical defects
  • Synchronizing CI/CD pipeline to standardize and automate effectively
  • Provisioning of test environments in the remote-first era
  • Enhancing test orchestration to ensure optimum code coverage and shorter sprints
  • Reporting and managing results from multiple executions and teams

And above all, how to ensure continuity and balance business risks with speed.

Join our subject matter expert Deepak Parmar as he quizzes Philip Lew on the real-world implementation challenges of DevOps in a remote-first ecosystem.

About Our Experts

  • Philip Lew

    CEO, XBOSoft

    Philip Lew, CEO of XBOSoft oversees strategy, operations and business development since he founded the company in 2006. He has a broad experience that spans across deep technical expertise in technology and business processes that led him to start companies such as Pulse Technologies and XBOSoft in the technology space. Philip is a regular speaker at top software conferences and his papers are widely published in magazines and industry journals.

  • Deepak Parmar

    Head – Marketing & Channel Management, QMetry

    Deepak Parmar is a technologist with a business mindset. With 20+ years of global software product sales and marketing experience, he has both breadth and depth of expertise in marketing and IT products across industry verticals. As Head of Marketing and Partnerships at QMetry, Deepak has led the successful launches of 4 test management products and continues to lead the marketing outreach and partner network efforts at QMetry.

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