QMetry Test Management announces release v8.6.4

Punit Samtani
October 15, 2020

QMetry is happy to announce an update to QMetry Test Management with our version v8.6.4.

This build focuses on general UI enhancements that should improve overall user experience, support for Robot framework and Gitlab support for BDD integration.

Here are the Release Notes

Improvements to Test Case and Test Execution

  • Summary and Entity Key are now separate columns on all link test asset screens to allow better sorting and filtering.
  • Enhanced test case steps edit experience with an option to open step details in maximized mode.
  • Users can view shareable test case steps in the test case without scrolling.
  • Test executions with archived release/cycle will be hidden by default.
  • Filter requirements by External key while linking them to Test cases and Test Suites.
  • Users can hide test steps “Input data” and “Expected Outcome” fields on the execution screen to utilize the space effectively.
  • Link Test case to Test suite panel now displays more test cases on the page.

Improvements to Jira Integration

  • QMetry authentication from `Jira Integration – QMetry Enterprise` app now supports Open API key (part of Open API app) and two step verification.
  • Jira field mapping configuration is now separate for each integrated issue type.
  • Test case panel, test case details view and test execution sections in Jira issues now have resizable columns.
  • Test case details view in Jira now displays all user defined fields.
  • `Jira Integration – QMetry Enterprise` app v2.0.8 is released compatible with QTM 8.6.4. Customers using Jira Server/DC need to update the app manually, while it is automatically upgraded for Jira Cloud. Server customers need to sync the meta data for all the projects integrated with Jira.

Improvements to Reports

  • Advance Query Reports database schema tables `Requirements` and `Issues` having field names starting with “Jira” are updated with “Ext”. (part of Advance Report app)
  • Users will now be able to set any system or custom dashboard as their default dashboard seen after logging in to QMetry.
  • Introduced new report `Count of API Requests by User` which shows number of Open API or Automation API calls made by each user at a given time.
  • Share dashboards with specific users or all users of a specific role, project combination. (part of Advance Report app)

Improvements to Automation API, Bamboo/Jenkins/Maven Plugins

  • Upload automation results of Robot framework.
  • Added support for uploading automation results from a Bamboo remote agent server.
  • skipWarning parameter have been added that allows to import test cases by truncating summary having more than 255 characters.
  • QMetry Test Management for Bamboo (v1.0.9), QMetry Test Management Plugin for Jenkins (v1.10) & QMetry Test Management Plugin for Maven has been released with above supported improvements.

Improvements to QMetry Administration

  • QMetry Admin can now enforce two step verification for all users by making it mandatory. (part of Customization app)
  • Password expiry related email notifications will be sent to QMetry authenticated users in advance. Organization who have subscribed for customization app can even configure the advance number of days. (part of Customization app)
  • Users having two step verification enabled can now use recovery codes to regain access to the accounts.
  • Easily filter and find users having two step verification enabled on users list page.
  • QMetry Admin using On premise installation can now set a maintenance message that will be displayed on login screen to notify users about a scheduled maintenance. (part of Customization app).

General Improvements

  • Export exploratory testing session details, documented test steps and associated defects to a word document. (part of Exploratory Testing app)
  • Share defect details over email to users even outside of QMetry.
  • Import test cases with longer summaries now truncated to 255 characters using option to `Import with Warning`.
  • Gitlab support for BDD integration.
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