New Release QMetry Insights with Visual and Advance Query Reports

Punit Samtani
April 29, 2020
New Release Announcement

QMetry is happy to announce that QTM v8.6.1 is released and now available for our cloud customers.

The release includes one of the most anticipated features that we have been working hard to build. Our new Reporting Module “QMetry Insights with Visual & Advance Query Reports”.

Test Reports are crucial to the success of any build or sprint as they provide actionable insights to your agile teams. They summarize the key information and provide real-time updates into the project status and the product-readiness for go to market. QMetry’s strong suit has always been its reporting and dashboards, but now we have come with an even better way to serve the specific needs of various user types across an organization. Whether it is a tester, or a QA manager or the senior management, we’ve got your needs covered in our latest release.

We will be releasing a detailed summary, blog post and other resources in near future explaining each aspect of this build. But in the meantime, please look at these release notes.

New Features & Improvements

  • Introduced all New Custom Reporting Module – QMetry Insights, with two views:
    • Visual Report – Allows business users to create simple to complex custom reports by just drag & drop of fields.
    • Advance Query Report – Allows users to create & execute SQL based custom reports using the Query Builder which has an entire snapshot of the QMetry data synced and accessible from just 15 tables.

    Full List of features –

    • Easily apply group by, sort, filter & math operations on Visual Report columns while creating gadgets.
    • Use the new Query Builder with auto suggest feature that allows creating SQL query-based gadgets easily.
    • Reuse gadgets for multiple projects by adding default QMetry filters while creating them.
    • Share gadgets with specific users or all users of a specific role, project combination.
    • Create your own ‘Dashboards’ with multiple gadgets chosen from system, custom owned or shared gadget repositories.
    • Share dashboards with other users or schedule them as email notifications one time or recurring.
    • Share view only dashboards outside QMetry using Embedded URLs.
    • View and Copy SQL queries of gadgets shared with you or created using visual reports to create your own gadget report.
    • Export dashboard graphical gadgets to PDF and tables/cross table gadgets to csv.
    • Export graphical gadgets to png, jpeg, SVG vector image, PDF, chart data to XLS & raw reports data to csv.
    • Use Open Rest APIs to export data of table/cross table gadgets on a dashboard.
    • Quickly clear applied filters using the new “Reset” button on gadgets.
    • Easily “Select/Unselect All” list values available for filtering of gadget reports.
    • Turn on/off Summary at Row/Column level in custom cross table report.
    • Enhanced filters to search on multiple values of text columns.
  • Improvements to System Reports
    • New system gadget “Platform Summary By Test Suites” is added under Test Execution summary report – The reports displays execution summary of the test case runs for a combination of Platform and Test suites.
    • New system gadget “Test Execution Assignments” is added under My Dashboard report.
      • This gadget displays all the test case executions assigned to a tester for a unique combination of Project, Release, Cycle, Platform, Test suite, Test case & Executed Version.
      • This gadget allows testers to view their Pending and Executed test case assignments by filtering them on Execution Status, Project, Release, Cycle.
      • Testers will be directly taken to the execution screen by clicking on “Execute” button for the respective test case run.
    • Export now available for “Test Result Log” report” in xls & csv format.
    • General usability improvements:
      • Individual filters are now available for system reports gadgets instead of a consolidated one.
      • System gadget reports can be additionally exported to png, jpeg, SVG vector image, PDF, chart data to XLS, raw reports data to csv.
      • Quickly clear applied filters using the new “Reset” button on gadgets.
      • “Select/Unselect All” list value options now available for filtering of gadget reports.
      • My Dashboard & System gadget reports will now allow selecting inactive users while generating reports.
  • Improved copy test suites feature by introducing more flexible options.
    • Copy with associated platforms, test cases & executed version for selected test case execution statuses.
    • Copy with the existing execution status or reset them to not run.
    • Copy with the current executed version or force sync test cases to latest versions.
    • Copy all associations with Release/Cycle and Platforms.
    • Copy executions with all the assignment or keep them unassigned.
  • Link test assets by providing entity keys separated by comma. Also, skip duplicates optionally to prevent them from being linked again.
    • Link Test cases to Test suite using Test case Entity Keys.
    • Link Test cases to Test suite using Requirement Entity Keys.
    • Link Test cases to Requirement using Test case Entity Keys.
    • Link Requirements to Test case using Requirement Entity Keys.
    • Link Test suites to Test case using Test suite Entity Keys.
    • Link Requirements to Issue using Requirement Entity Keys. (Only for Internal Issue Module – QMetry Issues)
  • Bulk execute screen is revamped and is now more powerful with the following new options.
    • Execute/Assign test cases to 20 platforms on a single window without scrolling. Limited maximum selection up-to 20 Platforms at a time.
    • Select independent test case cells for execution/assignment.
    • Select test cases for a specific platform using column selection.
    • Test case columns with details like entity key, summary, order will be frozen and will not scroll along with the platforms horizontally.
    • Bulk options are now displayed as separate buttons.
    • View complete Test case summary and Platform summary on mouse hover.
  • Improved Project Clone.
    • System administrator (admin user) can now view the clone process started by any user.
    • Clone process now automatically ends after 8 hours of inactivity in process and will unlock the source project.
  • Entity Keys will now be auto mapped during reimport of Test cases.
  • Filter Platforms on created date range and created by while linking them to test suite.
  • Syncing of Jira issues will now be more faster.
  • Default pagination can now be increased up-to 100 records per page.
  • Project Keys can now be up-to 5 characters in length with support for number and certain special characters.
  • Post enabling SAML authentication, the QMetry URL will auto redirect to the SSO provider login page instead of the QMetry login page. (Only for server customers).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that did not preserve test case status filter while linking test case to test suite.
  • Fixed a bug that caused test case step order to be displayed incorrectly on the execution screen for certain test suites having very large number of steps and associated with multiple release & platform.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed duplicate issue statuses in the status list while searching available issues to be linked on execution screen, for projects integrated with Jira.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented integration with Jira projects having Kanban boards.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect count of linked test cases on test suite view.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating/syncing Jira issues when priority do not exist/is optional Jira field.
  • Fixed a bug that skipped Jira issues while syncing, for which Jira APIs did not respond with data within 60 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some test case/steps contents to overlap when exported in a PDF.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented rich text data in large text fields to be displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect timestamps for added comments.
  • Fixed a bug that changed the assignee and reporter fields in issue module for some of the synced Jira issues.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented export of UDF fields along with other test suite fields when bulk export with all fields option is selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented making the reporter selection mandatory while creating bug from QMetry to Jira.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow bulk edit of test suite UDF fields if customization permissions were off.
  • Fixed a bug that prompts SAML authenticated users for password change when converted from QMetry authentication to SAML authentication.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented syncing of Jira issues in some cases when issue type of existing synced issue is changed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented display of change log and combined view for test cases which has text with characters unrecognized by utf8 character set.

Jira Integration – QMetry Enterprise App Changes

  • Release 8.6.1 upgrade requires to install/upgrade the latest version v2.0.5 of Jira Integration – QMetry Enterprise App in Jira. For customer using Jira Cloud the add-on will be auto upgraded to the latest version

For more information on this update, please refer to this documentation here.

If you want to sign up for a free trial of QMetry Test Management, here’s the link.

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