Infographics Test Automation for DevOps

Accelerating Test Automation for DevOps

Digital Transformation Continues to Drive
IT Strategy and Redefines Software Quality

Top 7 Challenges in Software Development

Why is There a Need for Automation?

What Are the Top Benefits of Automation?

What are the Different Trends in Automated Testing?

What is the Split between Automated and Manual Testing?

What ratio of Manual versus Automation Testing do you want to achive in the next 5 years?

Our Automation Stack

Test automation tool for web, mobile and
API testing.

Open source framework
test automation.

Streamlined / Structured Approach

Abstracts the technical implementation away from the operational components to support shift-left release cycles via in-sprint

Reusable Test Assets

Highly maintainable and repeatable tests utilize reusable test assets, proper modularity and semantic structure.

Data-driven Testing

Run a single test case against multiple test data sets provided through CSV, XML, JSON, Microsoft Excel or your own database.

Increased Collaboration with Manual
Testers, Developers and
Business / Project Owners

Behavior-driven and keyword-driven test authoring make it easier to work together.

Unified Scripting Across Mobile Platforms

Support web, mobile (including native, hybrid, mobile web) and web service test automation on a single platform to save time and cost.

Integrations with QMetry Automation Studio

Open Source


Test Management




Mobile Device

Cloud Solutions