Salesforce Test Automation

QMetry Salesforce Test Automation provides Codeless test automation of Salesforce UI and API with BDD/TDD support.

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QMetry offers seamless and unified test automation for Salesforce UI and API. QMetry allows Salesforce test team and developers to auto-generate test scripts using web recorder functionality to reduce testing time and improving the time to market.

Key Highlights:

  • Codeless test automation for Salesforce UI and API Testing
  • AI-enabled to ensure robust test automation
  • Record and playback the recorded test scripts
  • Seamless integration with CI/CD tools in DevOps pipeline
  • Intelligent reports for better actions


  • 50% faster automation test creation with low/no code
  • 300% reduction in manual efforts
  • 50% reduction in QA Sprint activities
  • Intelligent testing with AI/ML techniques
  • Low Maintenance with Self-healing

Trusted by teams across the globe for 10+ years

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