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QMetry Automation Studio leverages open source test automation frameworks like Selenium and Appium to bring structure, efficiency and reusability to your automated testing efforts. The studio enables advanced automation with coded automation and allows manual testers to transition into automated testing easily.

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The framework supports complex testing scenarios like mobile barcode scanning, touch ID, location spoofing etc. As a result, QMetry Automation Studio is well-suited for micro-services type apps with various complex components for automated testing.

Key features

  • Unique tool for UI and Visual component validation via automated testing
  • Adheres to the principles of BDD and TDD to support everyone in the organization
  • Streamlines and Auto-repair Objects with Self-healing mode
  • Headless Execution ensures faster execution of tests
  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards for insightful, informed automated testing
  • Web recording of session enabled with chrome add-on and conversion of steps to automated scenario

QMetry Automation Studio

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