Migrate from Zephyr Enterprise to QMetry Test Management

Many users that are struggling with Zephyr Enterprise and looking to switch to a better testing experience and scalable solution, often wait too long because of various concerns such as downtime, test data integrity, fidelity to existing processes. QMetry understands the importance of a seamless migration and uninterrupted workflow for any team migrating to QMetry Test Management.

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Find out how you can easily migrate from Zephyr Enterprise to QMetry Test Management with

  • A proven migration process and utility that takes care of mapping your test assets and data
  • QMetry’s scope of migration and migration strategy that enable a swift transition
  • List of assets that are migrated
  • Training and support
  • Benefits of migrating to QMetry

Download this factsheet to learn more about Zephyr Enterprise to QMetry Test Management migration and take the first step to a modern, scalable and feature-rich test management journey.

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