A guided tour of migration with QMetry resources

Disha Thakkar
November 6, 2020

Many organizations today struggle from migration – inertia. They are considering a switch from their existing system – be it legacy or otherwise, but they fear the often lengthy, messy and tedious process of migration.

However, migration doesn’t have to be so painful. In fact, with the right processes, tools and planned downtime, you can smoothly transition from your existing tool to a modern, user-friendly and DevOps ready tool like QMetry.

At QMetry, we have helped many organizations transform rapidly by making their migration seamless with our proven process, strategy and migration utility. Whether it is transitioning from ALM to QMetry Test Management or Zephyr to QMetry Test Management for Jira, we have a solid foundation of successful migration projects along with factsheets and SOPs that help you decide faster.

Here’s a comprehensive list linking to all our migration resources:

Migration is often the biggest roadblocks in the adoption of a modern, more feature-rich tool like QMetry Test Management.

Users that are struggling with Zephyr Enterprise and looking to transition to a better testing experience often wait too long for the fear of a complicated migration journey. We have addressed all your concerns such as data integrity, process management, seamless integration without downtime in some of the following resources. Look at the comparison guide to understand the differences between Zephyr and QMetry Test Management. Understand why migrating is the ideal solution and finally download the factsheet to get a comprehensive understanding of our proven migration process.

Comparison – Zephyr Enterprise vs. QMetry Test ManagementWeb Page
Why QMetry Test Management over Zephyr Enterprise?Web Page
Migrating from Zephyr Enterprise to QMetry Test ManagementFactsheet


Download this comparison guide to view a feature-wise analysis of TestRail vis-à-vis QMetry Test Management

Comparison – TestRail vs. QMetry Test ManagementWeb Page

Migration Decoded

Enterprises on the digital transformation journey often look to tool modernization for resolving many speed, efficiency and integration issues. However, there are many challenges they face when it comes test data migration including – system downtime, cost efficiency of a migration, data loss, corruption of data and often failures.

To avoid a negative impact on the top line and unexpected downtime, decision makers often wait too long to make the move.

Our resources here are designed to decode the complex migration journey, demonstrate the ROI benefits of migration and allow you to take an informed decision.

Migration DecodedWhitepaper
Are Your Existing Systems Holding Back Your Enterprise in Digital Transformation?Whitepaper
Are Your Existing Systems Holding Back Your Enterprise in Digital Transformation?Infographics

ALM Migration

Legacy ALM tools have their own set of challenges from lack of flexibility, high maintenance and licensing costs, lack of scalability and reporting. But you can benefit immensely with the right migration strategy and product. Find out how you can benefit with QMetry Test Management’s modern support, availability on cloud/premise, agility through collaboration and insightful dashboards and reporting with these resources.

Legacy ALM Migration with QMetry Test ManagementWeb Page
Migrate from ALM to QMetryFactsheet
Migrate from Legacy ALM to Modern Digitally Enabled QMetrySQIT Video

Get Migration Consultation to understand how you can Optimize your Existing Software with the help of a Modern Tool.

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