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What is QMetry Wisdom

QMetry Wisdom uses Software Quality Metrics to Convert All Automated Testing Initiatives into Actionable Results, Insights and Recommendations.

A first of its kind product in automated testing, QMetry Wisdom is set out to make test automation more intelligent using software quality metrics. With complete drill down of test results, it provides a holistic view of root causes and failures, and uses suggestive test action models to solve them. It enables complete customization of sprints, versions, component projects, users, and various other dimensions. Take charge of your automated testing results without any painful configurations.

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Key Benefits of QMetry Wisdom

Intelligence on Test Automation That is Accurate and Actionable

When you are running test automation initiatives at scale, you need to know how you can fine-tune to improve the efficiency of your QA organization. QMetry Wisdom offers crystallized/systematic reports on all your overall test automation coverage initiatives with suggested notifications and test actions for triage of most failed scenarios and performance bottlenecks.

A Modularized Software Quality Metrics with Drill-Downs

All of this test reporting if neatly packaged with interactive charts and heat map visualizations can help your agile testing teams to easily decode results. QMetry Wisdom offers software quality metrics with complete drill down capabilities from macro to micro, powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data for easy consumption and usage. It also allows you to perform custom filtering by attribute of your choice.

A Suggestive Intelligence Ecosystem

Intelligence on how your current automated testing system is working is the first step. It would be wonderful to get software quality metrics on how it should be structured to drive more efficiently. And this is where QMetry’s suggestive intelligence mechanism comes handy. Wisdom provides different options for execution based on the current results. And, it provides software quality metrics for a wide variety of automated testing tools.

Core Differentiators

Import and analyze test results via all versions of QMetry Test Management, other Test Management Tools and many Test Automation Frameworks

View realtime analytics with actionable intelligence with optimization recommendations

Customize the view using filters like time, sprints, versions, components, projects, users, and various other dimensions

Enable grouping of errors to separate false negatives from actual errors

Ability to deep dive from trends to actual root causes at action step level

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics through QQBOT

Editions of QMetry Wisdom


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