QMetry Digital Quality Platform

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Qmetry digital quality platform

End to End Software Quality Platform for Agile & DevOps teams

Imagine all your testing needs served by one end to end quality platform. The QMetry Digital Quality Platform offers test management, test automation and quality metrics with enterprise grade security, modularity and scalability.

Built for Agile and DevOps team, the platform is capable of managing traditional development methods along with new methodologies like Agile. With QMetry Test Management, teams can manage test projects across multiple locations, testing tools, automation tools and CI/CD platforms. With QMetry Automation Studio, QMetry offers automation scripting editor for four languages. It enables omnichannel automation across web, web services and mobile devices. The platform is designed to provide actionable insights through reports, dashboards and visual analytics. With multiple integrations and QMetry’s OPEN REST API, QMetry Digital Quality Platform is most scalable platform available now.

Test Automation, Test Management and Quality Metrics in one easy to use application.

The QMetry Digital Quality Platform is a combination of tools, methodologies, frameworks and best practices that enables agile teams to build, manage and deploy high quality software faster, with confidence.

Our suite of products helps you to incrementally enhance the quality of your releases, shorten the sprints and speed up your time to market. We have key integrations configured with products like Jira, Bamboo and Jenkins. Modern Agile and DevOps teams can leverage QMetry’s open APIs to integrating with all major issue tracking, automation and CI/CD tools.

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    Group different requirements by features into folders and subfolders for easy organization of project related requirements. Support for bulk operations on the list of requirements which helps teams to perform quick operations such as delete, move, copy, archive, etc.

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    Link test cases and test suites within requirements to increase visibility, reusability and coverage. It also supports version control which helps teams in change management. The Version control module populates the list of versions and also shows the version in a detailed view.

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    Import and export user stories from Jira using Requirements management. Imported user stories sync in a unidirectional fashion for the read only view to restrict the editing of the stories inside QMetry Requirements. It also syncs latest comments and attachments from Jira Issue so that teams are always updated with the latest details.

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    It covers enhanced Requirement reports useful for Product Managers/Owners, Business Analysts, QA managers, Scrum Masters/Owners. Reports include requirement coverage as well as a summarized view on requirements and test execution status based on the combination of Projects, Releases and Cycles, which can be exported in Excel or CSV format.

Requirements Management

QMetry enables end to end requirement/user stories management depending on Waterfall/Agile processes.

Test Management

Digital-ready Test Management is at the heart of the QMetry Digital Quality Platform

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    Our future-ready test management software offers an end-to-end test automation solution for Agile testing teams. It streamlines your test strategy and offers powerful test authoring, execution, requirements management, traceability and defect tracking features. With a host of modern, scalable features, it can speed up your digital transformation journey.

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    Test better and smarter with full visibility, traceability and optimum test coverage

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    Build test cases, execute test suites, import, track, manage defects and share across projects

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    Achieve Agile testing with seamless integrations for CI/CD tools and various automation tools

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    Get real-time feedback on your latest builds and coverage. Make informed decisions based on actionable insights and complex visual analysis of the current project execution data.

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    QAS offers the most unified test automation experience to DevOps teams with continuous integration and agile testing frameworks, readymade content libraries, reusable project libraries, and BDD.

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    Automate test cases using different programming languages such as Java, Python, Typescript and JavaScript.

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    Record test cases and generate automation scripts. Get smarter test automation with web recording, object spying features reports. QMetry Automation Studio syncs fully with QMetry Test Management.

Test Automation

Harness the power of test automation enabled by QMetry Automation Studio (QAS).

Qmetry Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

QMetry’s Exploratory Testing offers an intuitive exploratory testing experience with its web-recording feature. Save time and reduce efforts with effective collaboration. Easy reporting of bugs with automated documentation, annotated screenshots and screen capture.

Our exploratory testing app empowers Agile teams by recording actions as you explore and escalating the issues with the right information and environment details.

Qmetry Analytics

QMetry Analytics

Make effective quality decisions to improve software quality on the go using QMetry’s in-built software testing metrics. The Quality Analytics module enables effective and optimal test management with actionable insights by consolidating test data from across frameworks, tools and platforms with readymade integrations.

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