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Atlassian is a global software company helping teams around the world unleash their potential. Atlassian builds tools that help teams collaborate, build, and create together. With its 100,000+ strong customer base and a team of 2,500+ Atlassians, the company is building the next generation of team collaboration and productivity software.

New South Wales, Australia
New South Wales, Australia


  • B2B enterprise software
  • Bug tracker
  • Issue Tracker
  • Enterprise wiki
  • Corporate and Business wiki
  • Team collaboration
  • Project Management


  • 3,000 Atlassians
  • Global offices in 7 countries
  • 125,000+ customers
  • 4,000+ apps in our Marketplace
  • 2.6M+ community members
  • 1% donated of all profit, employee time, and equity

Trusted by teams across the globe for 10+ years

The QMetry brand is trusted by 1000+ customers globally across Finance, Healthcare, Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Education and many more.
These are just some of our customers.

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