Case Study

Affordable, versatile solution with JIRA integration

Kingland Systems provides technology and outsourcing services within the financial sector.

QMetry Test Management offered them an affordable, lightweight solution that integrated with their toolset and Atlassian products.

The Challenge

Looking to replace existing tool HPQC that was big, cumbersome and unwieldy

Required a holistic solution with requirements traceability and ease of sharing

Need for integration of test cases with Atlassian products like Jira and confluence

Better access to test scripts for all team members to share and review scripts

Our Approach

QMetry ticked all their boxes in terms of test management goals, right from integration with Jira to ease of sharing and reviewing test scripts across teams

Resolved unique implementation challenges so that their teams didn’t have to change a whole bunch of things in the existing system, saving time and effort

Engagement Benefits

Affordable, comprehensive solution that resolved their pain points

Integration with Atlassian products like Jira and confluence

Easier access to test scripts by all teams and stakeholders

Exceptional implementation support and requirements traceability

“There were about 7-8 tools that we evaluated on a very rigorous basis. We had probably 20 criteria that the tool needed to meet. Some were required, some were nice to have. QMetry ended up being the one that passed all our required objectives and also some nice-to-haves.“

JANICE ANDERSON, Corporate Tooling and Technology Product Owner

Kingland Systems

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