Case Study

Moving from Excel to a Central Collaborative Test Case Repository

j2 Global Communications provides a variety of business-critical communications and storage messaging services through its global communications/telephony/messaging network. j2 Global Communications offers a complete array of unified-messaging and communications services. With the increasing number of QA teams, time to market pressure increased, the Excel based test management process became cumbersome with several inefficiencies.

QMetry Test Management helped them to organize their test process and optimize testing efforts along with JIRA integration capabilities.

The Challenge

Excel’s lack of collaboration led to poor test management and gaps.

They required a centrally accessible and available solution.

Desired real-time test case visibility and in-depth reporting.

Absence of a standardized structure/process for all team members.

Our Approach

Offered a cost-effective tool with intuitive UI and JIRA integration for defect tracking; that adapted to client’s current workflow and processes seamlessly.

QMetry offered powerful and comprehensive test case management, test plans and requirements module features to monitor progress and processes continuously.

Engagement Benefits

Seamless experience for end users with bi-directional integration with JIRA.

Centralized repository ensured availability and accessibility of test assets.

Centralized repository ensured availability and accessibility of test assets.

Powerful test management, test plans and requirements management modules.

Enhanced productivity enabled by better communication on test progress.

Standard and structured process across the testing cycle for consistency.

“ The QMetry Test Manager tool and its easy to use UI have been very helpful for us. QMetry Test Manager has helped us to manage the collaboration of test cases and made it easy to assign and run test cases.“

TJ DONG, Senior Software QA Lead


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