Intelligent Test Automation

What is one of the biggest challenges business face in the age of digital transformation?

Delivering quality at speed. Digital disruption is real and everywhere. Enterprises need to innovate and rethink their development approach to delivery better quality software faster. Testing holds the answers to both speed and the quality of depolyment. This is key to unlock productivty and faster time to market, ultimately gaining a significant competitive advantage.

Intillegent Test Automation

As organizations look towards automating test environments and optimizing test suites for better efficiency and ROI, they can now solve a number of critical challenges by using intelligent test automation.

Intelligent Test Automation powered by AI and machine learning can automate, optimize and speed up the software development lifecycle without compromising on the quality.

Intelligent Test Automation resolves complex agility and coverage challenges

Test Automation delivered the first wave of change that delivered scale, efficiency and faster time to market for software testing process. Continuous Integration reduced the testing cycles further adding to the efficiency. The paradigm is now about Automation tools aided by advanced AI and ML and a proven intelligent testing process, to deliver consumable actionable intelligence to improve the quality continuously.

Intelligent Test Automation is the outcome of this new paradigm that produces actionable insights based on trend analysis of legacy test data and uses ML to use the intelligence gained on real-time test assets to improve quality of test projects and improve outcomes continuously.

This is beyond the reach of traditional QA or automation practices. Intelligent Test Automation uses data and rules-based learning to optimize every phase of the testing cycle from discovery to automation, testing, and maintenance.

The beauty of this mechanism is that machines keep learning from past data and trends and refine the test suites and outcomes creating a continuous loop of learning. Such that now you can anticipate defects, automate and make smarter decisions based on prescriptive analytics. Not only testing faster but anticipating problems in the bud and improving quality incrementally. Thereby, shifting quality left in the true sense.

Accelerate Automation with Smarter Tools and Intelligent Processes

QMetry’s Intelligent Test Automation solution implements solution stacks that help you achieve agility, efficiency, and quality. Our end-to-end test automation powered by AI and ML will help you

  • Maximize test coverage and test depth for leaner management
  • Operate through a reusable test assets with data-driven testing
  • Improve test case quality through better visibility and traceability
  • Reduce duplicates and dead test cases
  • Predict outcomes and prescribe actionable changes
  • Make accurate and insightful decisions to measure release readiness, testing adequacy, and risk-index
  • Achieve the DevOps ideal by executing continuous quality
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Improve ROI while reducing the time to market

By using QMetry’s intelligent test automation solution, enterprises are essentially investing in scalable, state of the art and future-proof technology to deliver digital assets faster and with total confidence.

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