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QMetry Digital Quality Platform

Imagine automation wedded to machine learning and insights gained from AI. The QMetry Digital Quality Platform is a range of tools from QMetry. Inc that offers optimal test management, intelligent test automation and quality metrics with cloud-secure features.

Designed for agile testing and DevOps teams to build, manage, and deploy quality software faster and with confidence, QMetry has found the sweet spot where information is optimized to become powerful insights.

We make use of the most powerful technologies that are shaping the future of digital enterprises now. Automation, integration and AI with machine learning take quality engineering to the next level to implement continuous quality.

Test Automation, Test Management and Intelligent Quality Metrics in one easy to use application.

The QMetry Digital Quality Platform is a combination of tools, methodologies, frameworks and best practices that enables agile teams to build, manage and deploy high quality software faster, with confidence.

Our suite of products helps you to incrementally enhance the quality of your releases, shorten the sprints and speed up your time to market. We have key integrations configured with products like Jira, Bamboo and Jenkins. Modern Agile and DevOps teams can leverage QMetry’s open APIs to integrating with all major issue tracking, automation and CI/CD tools.

Test Management

Digital-ready Test Management is at the heart of the QMetry Digital Quality Platform

  • Our future-ready test management software offers an end-to-end test automation solution for Agile testing teams. It streamlines your test strategy and offers powerful test authoring, execution, requirements management, traceability and defect tracking features. With a host of modern, scalable features, future ready technology and advanced AI/ML capabilities it can speed up your digital transformation journey.
  • Build test cases intelligently, execute test suites, import, track, manage defects and share across projects

  • Achieve Agile testing with seamless integrations for CI/CD tools and various automation tools
  • Weed out duplicates and dead test cases, manage all your test projects from a single common and control centre.
  • Test better and smarter with full visibility, traceability and optimum test coverage
  • Get real-time feedback on your latest builds and coverage. Make informed decisions based on actionable insights and complex visual analysis of the current project execution data.

Requirements Management

QMetry enables end to end requirement/user stories management depending on Waterfall/Agile processes. This enables:

  • Easy organization of requirements by features into folders
  • Easy version control for better traceability and change management
  • Custom workflow status and custom fields support
  • BDD support
  • Link Test Cases and Test Suites from Requirements for traceability
  • Enhanced Reporting for requirement coverage, requirement to test case/defect traceability

Test Execution Management

Test executions are simplified and easy to manage with Test Suites in QMetry:

  • Test Suites in QMetry enable organization of Test executions for multiple platforms, where platforms can be browsers, mobile devices or test environments
  • You can add test cases to executions with a click of a button from requirements or directly
  • The Test Execution Screen allows assigning test runs to multiple users and track the progress in real time
  • Test Execution reports are good representation of the software health on different platforms

Test Automation

Harness the power of intelligent test automation enabled by QMetry Automation Studio(QAS).

QMetry Ausomation Studio

  • Automate test cases using 5 different programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, etc.
  • Record test cases and generate automation scripts. Get smarter test automation with web recording, object spying features and intelligent reports. QMetry Automation Studio syncs fully with QMetry Test Management.

  • QAS offers the most unified test automation experience to DevOps teams with continuous integration and agile testing frameworks, readymade content libraries, reusable project libraries, and BDD.

Test Intelligence

Test Intelligence

Intelligent testing is at the core of all our product development and research activities.

QMetry’s Digital Quality Platform understands that software quality metrics, analytics and test coverage intelligence are the last mile in the overall software quality management journey. Our unique analytics tool that converts all your automated and manual testing efforts into actionable intelligence.

This valuable insight shortens the feedback loop and reduces process time and efforts. QMetry uses AI and ML empowered intelligent test management to optimize test cases and test suites. It offers predictive and prescriptive analytics and improves the traceability and reusability of test cases.

Exploratory Testing

QMetry’s Exploratory Testing offers an intuitive exploratory testing experience with its web-recording feature. Save time and reduce efforts with effective collaboration. Easy reporting of bugs with automated documentation, annotated screenshots and screen capture. Our exploratory testing app empowers Agile teams by recording actions as you explore and escalating the issues with the right information and environment details.

Test Analytics

QMetry Analytics

Make smarter quality decisions for automation with in-built software testing metrics. Our analytics app enables intuitive and smarter test management, integrates it with the automation framework requirement and ALM tools. Gain actionable insights, results and recommendations. Use predictive and prescriptive analytics to resolve root causes and failures.

Shift Left

Shift Left with QMetry Intelligent Digital Quality Platform

Testing early and testing often is the secret sauce to building and delivering high quality software. We at QMetry, align all our tools and products to drive quality with this agile testing paradigm also known as Shift Left. The QMetry Intelligent Digital Quality Platform makes this possible by moving from a QA (Quality Assurance) to QE (Quality Engineer) mindset. Be it our test management strategy with early test execution, making environments available early, using intelligence to provide continuous feedback or meeting the desired test frequencies – our platform makes it happen

Get a competitive advantage with our suite of agile-ready, intelligent and intuitive tools.

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