Move from HP ALM to QMetry to Embrace Digital

QMetry Digital Platform is agile-friendly and future ready

Migration between tools has always been a painstaking and expensive process. CIOs, Directors/VPs, and IT managers have been living through this pain for years now. The recent addition to this has been migration from archaic HPE ALM systems to AGILE friendly collaborative toolset.

Although it was announced a year ago, the impact of HPE’s sales of its software business is now sinking in. In the QA domain, the impact is being felt by many enterprises who are HPE ALM users.

Two major concerns that have been voiced are the uncertainty of how the toolset will be supported in the future and the speed at which it will adapt to their needs in a digital transformation era. The need for a future-safe toolset that transcends from manual to automated testing and supports DevOps was never so critical.

QMetry Digital Quality Platform is perfectly suited for such needs. The major challenge for any organization to implement a new tool is to migrate current test data / assets from HPE ALM / UFT. QMetry has developed a productized ‘minimum effort’ service for this and already implemented it for multiple customers.

Let us show you how

Key Challenges

HP QC to ALM Migration

HP announced the end of support for QC, QTP, and Loadrunner. This entails migration from QC to ALM for existing users. This migration is not easy as it involves paradigm shift in the core methodologies. The QC was more adept with manual testing while HP ALM is supposed to support Agile & DevOps.

Doubt on future enhancements and support

With the entire product changing hands and still in transit, it is likely that the future enhancements and long-term scalability are in doubt. There is no clear strategy in place yet. Secondly, the support strategy for the product is not clear and with many jobs at stake due to the transition, the overall clarity may not be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

Rapid digital transformation

For most enterprises, digital transformation is of utmost priority and to remain competitive, it needs to be achieved at a very fast pace. Considering the above two challenges, this task is almost impossible to achieve with HP QC to ALM migration.

The Solution

QMetry’s experts assist your team to build their first 10 automated test scripts using QMetry Automation Studio. Scripts will be ALM/Continuous Integration-ready and optimized for performance, reliability, and modularity.

Key Features

Agile & DevOps ready

Integrated with multiple issue tracking and automation platforms

Dedicated version available in fastest growing DevOps platform JIRA

Reusability, Traceability & extensive test coverage

Full visibility through AI driven quality metrics

Established HP ALM to QMetry Migration process

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