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Test Management

QMetry Test Management for Jira is an app delivering test management inside Jira for Agile & DevOps teams. Download it from Atlassian Marketplace and achieve.

QMetry Test Management Enterprise is Designed to Support Agile Testing and DevOps Teams by Providing the Capability to Create, Organize and Execute.

Enterprise-grade Test management platform. Comprehensive solutions for all your creation, import, tracking and measuring needs with a simple, intuitive UI.

Test Automation

QMetry Automation Studio leverages open source test automation frameworks like Selenium and Appium to bring structure, efficiency..

QMetry BOT Tester automates the bot testing of Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack chatbots. It speeds up the testing of complex chatbot interaction flows..

Exploratory Testing plays a key role in the Agile world. QMetry Voyager for JIRA app helps to improve your efficiency by automating Test Case documentation while..

QMetry Automation Framework is the first open source framework that spans web, mobile and web services. A single, automated tool for test automation using..

Test Analytics

QMetry Wisdom uses Software Quality Metrics to convert automated testing efforts into actionable results, insights and recommendations. It makes automation smarter by..

Test Apps

QMetry for Jenkins seamlessly integrates Jenkins test automation server’s CI/CD pipeline results with QMetry Test Management to offer extensive reports, dashboards..

QMetry for Bamboo enables you to ship high quality products, faster by linking automated test results from Bamboo to QMetry Test Management for JIRA.

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