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Enabling open quality platform for successful digital transformation of our customers

QMetry – Gamechanger for software development

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Scaling up with JIRA integration and quality metrics

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Affordable, versatile solution with JIRA integration

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Fully agile testing for multi-location teams

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Bidirectional Jira integration and increase in productivity

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Low-Cost SaaS Integration with Fogbugz and a holistic, lightweight solution to organize and standard testing processes

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Provided affordable, feature rich solution to formalize processes and thoroughness in testing for multiple teams

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Simplifying Test Management and uncovering insights with QMetry

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Test Management tool that supports both Agile and Waterfall approaches with high traceability and flexible nomenclature

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Scaling QA with QMetry Test Manager and Selenium

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Embracing agile testing by integrating QMetry Test Management with Rally

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Enhancing collaboration with QMetry’s central test case repository

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Improved QA with versatile features and test automation integration

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A leading entertainment company

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A media company – Future-proofing digital quality needs

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Vusal Azizaliyev

QA Manager

Stanford University

“QMetry Test Manager is central to our testing efforts now. It has helped me build a more professional QA organization within HighWire. My team is significantly more productive than the days where we used Excel for Test Case Management. I definitely think it can be used by my counterparts in other departments at Stanford.”

Havish Vinnakota

Director of Quality Engineering


“QMetry Test Manager provides a holistic life cycle management solution and is strongly engrained in our development process. If QMetry Test Manager went away it would definitely cripple our development process and even affect our intellectual property in the short and mid-term.”

Anne Frazer

Director of Quality Assurance


“Candidly, I don’t know how we would carry out testing without QMetry Test Manager. We would be in a world of hurt and would regress back to a scenario of ad-hoc and undefined testing.”

Janice Lin

QA Manager


“QMetry Test Manager is the single source of truth when it comes to testing lifecycle information. Anyone can go into the tool and instantly get the information they need by drilling down into dashboard reports. Integration with Rally will further improve Requirements traceability and increase the productivity of our entire software team.”

Zbyszek Mockun

Head of the QA Practice


“QMetry Test Manager allows for testing of projects that follow both the Waterfall and Agile development methodologies. Its flexible nomenclature along with the ability to trace Requirements greatly helps us successfully manage our client interactions and for ensuring that our deliverables are on time and within cost.”

Patrice Lamarque

Vice President of Products


“Our team is very pleased with the functionality of QMetry Test Manager and the timely response we get from their support team whenever the need arises. QMetry Test Manager is absolutely critical to our continuous efforts to deliver state-of-the-art technology solutions to our customers.”

Guenther Weydauer

Sr. VP Product Development

Holmes Corporation

“Adopting QMetry Test Manager gives us greater confidence in the quality of a release. QMetry Test Manager’s capabilities and its integration with Rally has been a significant catalyst for the adoption of Agile testing.”

TJ Dong

Senior Software QA Lead


“The QMetry Test Management tool and its easy to use UI have been very helpful for us. QMetry Test Management has helped us to manage the collaboration of test cases and made it easy to assign and run test cases.”

James Steward

Project Manager

University of Sydney

“We are extremely happy with pace of innovation at QMetry Test Management. They are speedy with delivering enhancements and bug fixes via patches. If QMetry Test Management went away it would greatly disrupt every aspect of our testing process. It is doubtful that we could achieve the same level of testing efficiencies at this cost with any other tool.”

Jeune Belardo

White & Case

“The support folks are very knowledgeable and very responsive. Good job.”

Jeremy Schneider

Entertainment Company

“The best part I liked in QMetry Test Management is the integration with JIRA. It will serve as a common place to reference the bugs, test plan and requirements (by means of linking the user stories). QMetry Test Management support team did a good job in addressing the issues with special characters, reporting, exporting, etc.”

Jean-Francois Brissot


“There was a very high operational risk in using Excel for Test Management and with QMetry Test Management, we have averted almost that entire risk. We are a significantly more efficient QA organization after we implemented and standardized on QMetry Test Management as the Test Management platform of choice.”

Melissa Bingham

QA Manager


QMetry Test Management is such a flexible tool. It allows us to build different projects to manage our hardware, software and web-based product testing needs.

Ronald Martin

Director Software Quality Assurance


We really appreciate the time and effort you put in the helping us diagnose the problem and explain the root cause of the problem. We are very happy with the level of support that you and your team have provided to us.

Haripriya kokku

Mutual Mobile

I really love and appreciate the turnaround time which is too minimal for any query support with QMetry Test Management

Marjorie Schirmer

Test Specialist

SLI Global Solutions

I was very pleased with the support I received for my QMetry Test Management issue. Support person was extremely helpful and very prompt. Thanks!

Halli Welsh

Quality Assurance Technician


The support I received by QMetry Test Management team was very good. They replied to my inquiry quickly and continued to update me on the progress of the ticket. The issue itself was resolved very quickly and I was very impressed with the quick turn around. Thanks!

Cory Wilkening

Senior QA Engineer


Customer support for QMetry Test Management has been awesome. You have kept checking in to make sure that we are not running into any issues even when we have been delayed. Thanks so much and keep it up!

Jagadeesha Jayaramaiah


Thank you so much for your support. Excellent support by QMetry Test Management. Don’t think any other commercial product support team provides such a wonderful support.

Smitha Bheemaiah


Support from QMetry Test Management team is really good. Thanks so much to Support Engineer for helping me resolve my issue. 🙂

Jason Ranin

Applied Tech

QMetry Test Management information led me to my own work around.

Raphael Yu


Thanks for Support Engineer help, it is really helpful.

Corey Jenks

Software QA Team Lead

Industrial Scientific

Thanks for the help. Team answered my question without me having to repeat the question and without asking me to follow steps that I have already completed. Too many service reps do that, and it’s very frustrating. Also, the video capture was very helpful in giving me a bigger picture understanding of answers.


Unity Technologies A/S

6 out of 5 stars :). I was really impressed with having team answering my question almost instantly and also offering to help via a gotomeeting where everything was eventually resolved. Quick, professional and great support – thanks!

Gabriel Blanton


Support was very helpful in getting a bug logged and letting me know when the product team had developed it.

Aaron B

Quality Assurance

Holmes Corp

Exceptional support here. Rapid response time, and all around thorough.

Rimvydas Petkus


Good response time. Problem identified very quickly and everything explained very well. Thanks.

Zientek Catherine


Support was FANTASTIC!!!

Susana Maria Correa

Quality Assurance Manager


QMetry Test Management is very important for our manual and automated testing processes. Having a centralized repository of test cases along with very comprehensive reports, in QMetry Test Management, greatly improves our productivity.

Karis Van Valin


Good response time, clear explanation of what was wrong and the team waited until I knew for sure that the issue was fixed before closing it.