Transplace – Managing a successful migration from ALM to QMetry

Transplace is the leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, helping manufacturers, retailers and distributors optimize supply chain operations and increase financial performance. They are recognized among the elite 3PLs for their proven ability to deliver both rapid return on investment and consistent value to a customer base that includes many of the largest shippers in the world.

Transplace was looking to replace their ALM tool with a more DevOps ready test management tool that was also a scalable solution.



When Transplace started looking for tools to replace their existing Micro Focus ALM solution, their criteria remained crystal clear. They needed a tool that provided seamless integration with issue management and automation tools like Jira and UFT respectively. They were looking for an affordable and long-term solution to their growing needs.

Key criteria for selection was a proven migration track record from a legacy ALM solution to a modern test management tool. With an established process that could easily migrate thousands of test cases and related data.



QMetry proved itself to be a valuable resource for migration from ALM during the evaluation phase.

With our existing migration utility and our support team’s expertise in handling large scale migration projects, QMetry enabled a seamless migration that reinforced client’s confidence in us.

We migrated about 1600+ test cases. This was a mixed-bag migration project with some complexity involved in migrating custom fields. There were some custom fields and data that couldn’t be migrated as is. QMetry resolved this by using a customized template to migrate all the custom fields.

The entire migration process was carried out seamlessly with zero downtime and zero data loss. Our support team was available round the clock to fix issues and resolve any client queries.


Smooth and efficient migration of 1600+ test cases with zero productivity loss

Integration with various automation, project management and CI tools such as UFT, Jira, Bamboo, and Jenkins

Single sign-on was enabled using SAML 2.0

Enhanced and customized reporting with integrated data from various other tools

Powerful features, simple UI and a cost-efficient solution to cover all their needs

“ QMetry helped migrate all our test cases from ALM to QMetry. During the few challenges we faced during the migration, the team at QMetry was positive, determined and found solutions each time to make the migration successful. We were on a conference call together for an entire day on a Friday US Central Standard Time and there were times when I suggested that maybe we should put this on hold and pick it up later but they were extremely determined to not stop until the entire migration was over and was successful. Thank you for the successful migration of our test cases from ALM to QMetry!“

Sashi Prasad, Technical Manager - QA

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