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Scaling up with Jira integration and quality metrics

Sotheby’s is a multinational corporation headquartered in New York City. One of the world’s largest brokers of fine and decorative art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles. Their development teams follow Agile/Scrum best practices using the Atlassian Ecosystem. Using Excel got increasingly cumbersome and painful with multi-locational, distributed teams and QMetry stepped in to meet their needs for test collaboration and high-quality reporting and metrics.



Sotheby’s had various multi-location, distributed teams conducting QA. Their existing tool Excel didn’t quite cut it, anymore as the demands grew. They struggled with test collaboration, version control and visibility for high-level reporting. Their primary need was an agile friendly test management tool that integrated fully with Jira. The new tool would have to address the needs of a distributed team and also offer reusability of test cases. In short, they need a full test management tool that sped up their testing and integration with Jira.



QMetry offered ease of migration from Excel and immediate efficiency gains with test collaboration, test case re-usability and Jira integration. We also provided large scale test management with the Agile/scrum approach and resolved a major pain-point by offering automation stack integration.


Ease of migration from Excel and several quick wins.

Integration with Jira enhanced collaboration for global QA teams.

Instant test case collaboration and high-quality reporting.

Ability to populate test case results in Jira and custom reports.

“ One of the pain points with using Excel was the lack of collaboration and test case usability. QMetry has a simple transition process and easy migration of data. We are very happy with the scale of automation stack integration and its synergy with Jira.“


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