Managing QA in an Agile Development Processes with Jira

Healthland, a leading healthcare service provider has been serving the healthcare market for nearly 30 years. It has grown into nationwide provider of comprehensive healthcare information systems for rural and critical access hospitals. Healthland has a team of QA professionals spread across offices in the US and overseas.

QMetry provided them an affordable and feature-rich test management tool that would fit in with their Agile software development methodology along with Jira integration capabilities.



Their QA teams were dissatisfied with the core capabilities of their existing QA tool SmartPlanner. There was also unhappiness among the customers with the quality and reliability of their products. One of the reasons for the quality lapses was inconsistent processes across offices for test management, using various platforms. There was a strong need for formal processes and a cohesive, Agile solution for robust test management.



By integrating QMetry Test Management with Jira and data-portability, they could work faster and better. QMetry provided them all the relevant, industry-grade features that were necessary to define and execute a comprehensive testing strategy. QMetry’s flexibility meant that they could define and organize test cases into repositories, exactly how they wanted. The QA teams were also happy that by QMetry’s ability to fit into their Agile processes and that its nomenclature was able to include Agile terminology.


Our solution offers industry-grade features for the health sector.

Quick and easy adoption process; nomenclature to include Agile terminology.

Set up an in-depth test strategy, retaining the order of test cases.

Implemented a budget-friendly solution that met all the criteria.

“ Candidly, I don’t know how we would carry out testing without QMetry Test Management. We would be in a world of hurt and would regress back to a scenario of ad-hoc and undefined testing.“

ANNE FRAZER - Director of Quality Assurance, Healthland

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