Our client ABN AMRO is a Global bank with headquarters in Amsterdam.

ABN AMRO serves clients in the retail, private banking and corporate banking sectors with primary focus on Northern Europe and presence in Asia, Americas and Australia. ABN AMRO’s QA team, while looking for the best Test Management tool to support their continuous testing lifecycle, evaluated various tools to replace their legacy ALM tool – HP ALM. They needed a contemporary tool that met their challenges of digital transformation.

The key was to have single platform to enable collaboration between their team and their extended teams with global systems integrators (GSIs).



ABN AMRO is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands. As such they have a vast suite of test assets and diverse testing requirements. Infosys, TCS and Capgemini are their main vendors that provide with software testing services.

ABN AMRO were looking at several tools to replace their existing HP/Micro Focus ALM.



ABN AMRO reached out to QMetry for an evaluation using our website. As part of the sales process, QMetry took a unique approach. We organized a Hackathon at the ABN AMRO head-quarters in Amsterdam for their Agile teams wherein ABN AMRO invited their internal and teams from Capgemini, Infosys and TCS. More than 350 test engineers participated and based on their feedback, QMetry Test Management was selected as the top tool of choice.

QMetry reached out to Infosys and Capgemini as they were the main vendors providing software testing services for partnership.

Both the organizations responded positively, and we developed a strategic alliance with them. Infosys played a vital role in developing this relationship with ABN AMRO and validating QMetry’s product and potential for digital quality assurance.

Infosys was able to provide thought leadership at ABM AMRO and enabled the decision by showcasing that their team members were already certified in QMetry and ready to get on board quickly. Also, since Infosys were able to host several other tools for ABN AMRO in the cloud, they recommended QMetry’s cloud hosting solution for ABN.


Stronger alignment of QMetry with ABN AMRO’s expectations owing to partnership with Infosys

Rapid adoption of the product because of tool familiarity and association between the testing services companies and QMetry

QMetry enabled Infosys team members to provide better output for ABN AMRO with timely training and support

Infosys as a trusted vendor at ABN, brought in dependable service assurance. They also brought in their local support for QMetry at ABN as that was essential for ABN AMRO.

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