QMetry vs Zephyr

Cloud, Server & Data Center
Inside JIRA
Automation Tool as part of ecosystem
Test AuthoringTest AuthoringTest Authoring
Reusability of test assets
Smart Autosuggest
Map test cases to stories
View Test Run History from Story level to test case level
Link automated test steps to test cases to view comprehensive results together
Multi-level audits of test assets
Test ExecutionTest ExecutionTest Execution
Support to multiple Platforms / Environments at execution level
Friendly Excel View on Execution Screen for Test Engineers for improved update efficiency
One click update of test results (pass/fail)
Quick view filters to select records in focus
Rebuild Test Runs for incremental changes to reduce build time & improve reusability
Assign Test cases / assets to test engineers individually or in – bulk. *
Bulk update of results
Configurable Result View
View Automation results & exceptions at execution.
Dynamic Test Execution Chart
All reports provide chart view or table view
All reports can be exported via excel
Test Coverage Report
Interactive Traceability report to support exploratory mind map view
Attach error screenshots as reference #
Multilingual support #
* Not a comprehensive feature.
# It will be released in the next build.

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