What’s New in QTM4J 4.0?

Vishalsinh Jhala
July 10, 2019

We promised a big announcement last week and here it is! We released QTM4J 4.0 cloud version (QMetry Test Management for Jira) this 4th of July weekend rather fittingly amid fireworks and celebrations. Here is the evaluation version if you are curious.

Naturally, our customers and potential customers have questions. What’s new in QTM4J 4.0?

QTM4J is designed with the idea of providing deep one tool experience of test management inside Jira. At the same time, it makes your testing independent of Jira’s features and limitations so that you can leverage the full features and benefits of a standalone test management tool.

Its powerful, intuitive and lightweight interface is built for various Agile users such as business analysts, testers, Jira admin, project managers. It allows all team members to collaborate and work within the comfort of the familiar Jira ecosystem.

In short, it takes the best of Jira and builds on that experience so that you get all the features and benefits of an end-to-end test management system, at very affordable price.

So, without further ado here’s why QTM4J 4.0 is the only tool you will need for test management inside Jira:

1. Test Cycles: Reinvent the way you are testing

When you group test cases together, it forms a test cycle. This type of organization of test cases in a cycle enables the testers to perform and record execution results against a cycle.

Moreover, you can use the same test case in multiple test cycles.

For example, Let’s assume there is a feature called “login”. You have created a test cycle that has 5 test cases for “login” module. However, there is another feature “Registration” that will also contain a few test cases of the login module.

Test Cycle facilitates this sharing and reuse of test cases across multiple use cases.

2. Test Plan: Group together multiple cycles to create your test plan

Test Plan is a combination of multiple cycles that helps QA managers to plan and track their release progress. When creating their test strategy and plans, a manager can group multiple cycles together in one test plan.

3. Test Data Parameterization: Enabling reusability, repeatability and collaboration

One common challenge in testing is the ability to execute same test cases many times using different data inputs. But without having to create duplicate test cases.

This is possible with QMetry’s feature of Test Data Parameterization. It allows QA teams to store reusable data in one central location, import existing parameters and data sets. And share this data across QMetry projects in Jira.

One key benefit of this practice is that you can make your tests consistent and manageable. You can also create automated, data-driven tests with this new feature in QTM4J.

At its core, parameterization is data driven testing and an execution strategy that lets you to run test cases automatically. Multiple times with multiple input values.

4. Test case Versioning: Stay on top of all the version history and audits

Versioning functionality enables teams to collaborate and manage multiple versions of test cases in parallel while retaining the integrity of data.

It also provides an audit history of the changes.

Using the Comments feature for test cases, cycles and test plans, you can keep track of the changes and comments from multiple team members working on the specific test asset.

Whereas, use the Audit logs functionality if you want to view the audit history for testing artefacts, test cases or test plans. This ensures a deep dive and thorough auditing of all test artefacts.

5. Custom Fields support: Create your own User Defined Fields

QTM4J allows you to add custom fields to store additional information that you want on the test artefacts. Using this function, users can add Custom Fields or User Defined Fields (UDFs) to record specific information for different assets. Admin user has full access to UDFs and can create/remove these additional fields on tester demand.

Custom Fields can be defined for Test Case, Test Cycle, and Test Plan.

6. Execution Summary right from Test Cycle Module

View high-level reports – for example Test Cycles Reports right from the execution screen. This report shows the overview or the executive summary of the test cycle. This includes information like execution results and the number of defects linked to test cases.

You no longer need to shuffle screens or switch tabs to view the high-level summary of execution statistics. Access all the information from the execution screen.

7. Granular level Permissions: Better security and compliance

QTM4J defines granular level permission settings that can allow or restricts various operations on test artefacts. This is inherently more secure and is a highly valued feature for teams that follow strict compliance codes.

8. Analytics: Deep dive with category- based analysis

Use our new and improved Analytics module that provides an advanced and easy-to-use interface to quickly build customized reports for category-based analysis.

You can generate “best-fit” charts for report data automatically. This is extremely useful for enterprises that need to generate complex visual analysis based on real time data but with their own custom requirements. Plus, you can export all the reports with a single click.

In addition, the pre-defined system default reports are available as usual.

All this plus some of the core QMetry features that you love

QTM4J provides some of the most comprehensive features inside Jira, at an affordable price.

It also provides what most others don’t. The most in-depth analytics with 30+ reporting gadgets inside Jira. QTM4J is also the only tool on the Atlassian Marketplace to offer exploratory testing. Using the exploratory testing add-on helps testers to record test sessions and automate test case documentation and log defects easily.

Can’t wait to try it?Here’s your link to a the 30-day free trial.

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