What type of a tester are you?

Jyotirmoy Nath
September 6, 2019

Quality assurance and Testing are integral to the success of software development lifecycle. A good tester has a combination of passion, expertise, defect classification and writing skills, analytical abilities, and test scripting skills. However, not all testers have the same personality type and testing style.

In this blog post, we look at the various types of testers and their approach to testing. Can you identify yourself?

Different approaches to testing

1. Analytical

He or she is a data scientist in the making. She loves analytical models and math. She loves to create diagrams, matrices and flowcharts. She is detail-oriented and loves to read long technical specs. You will see a marked preference for combination testing with the analytical tester. However, on the flipside, they plan a great deal and often suffer from planning paralysis.

2. Administrative tester

This type of tester likes to move things forward and rather quickly. She is the doer, the one who clears all obstacles and keeps ticking off items off the list. He/She will be the most attentive in a meeting, will keep track of agreements, update the dashboards and resources. A manager in the making.

Not surprisingly, they love paperwork and spreadsheets.

3. Technical tester

The ‘tech’ guru of the pack. A technical tester is the one who builds the tools and uses them. He thinks in terms of code and is a great advocate for testability. He bonds better with the developers and even speaks the same geek as them. They are typically nosy and have a sense of ‘getting under the hood’, often at the cost of slowing the speed of their team.

4. Social Tester

The social tester is the life of your Agile party. He functions better in teams and builds social capital. That is, he knows the right people and has credibility to offer and take help. They can sometimes socialize too much at the expense of deadlines!

5. User Expert

These are domain experts or subject matter experts. They view themselves as potential users who are testing a product end-to-end.

6. Developer

In an increasingly Agile and DevOps world, all developers are testers. Developers often implement unit testing and are responsible for the overall quality of the products they design. Often developers switch careers to take on the role of a tester. No points for guessing, they become technical testers.

7. The Technophile

A bit different from the technical tester, a technophile is someone who is enamoured by the tools. He/she is the first one to implement test automation, thinks of ways to use technology to save time and increase efficiency.

8. The Explorer

A strong proponent of the exploratory testing technique, the explorer is someone who doesn’t necessarily play by the book. He/she doesn’t follow any specific guidelines and digs deeper. The explorer loves edge cases and looks for the Achille’s heel or the unique scenario that can make the application fail.

They hate routine and repetitive test cases. But on the other hand, they find negative test cases that help in finding bugs in the AUT.

9. Pedantic tester

By definition, all testers are pedantic. They are concerned with accuracy and procedure. However, the pedantic tester is another level of following the letter. He/She is fond of checklists, templates, frameworks and stays away from “monkey testing”. Deviations are not allowed, and everything must follow the standards.

Regardless of what approach you follow, we believe all testers are rockstars. What type of a tester are you? Is there a type we missed? Let us know in the comments section.

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