WEBINAR: Accelerating High Impact Quality Initiatives with Automation and Open Source Stacks

Deepak Parmar
February 6, 2017

Did you read our recent blog on transitioning to a Quality Engineering mindset? If not, then please do. The movement towards Quality Engineering and is inevitable, and it is going to differentiate test automation from better test automation.

Quality Engineering will bring the new tools, processes, and mindset to deal with the brave new world of digital applications and their new challenges. It will bring the shift-left movement to the fore by integrating and testing early in the SDLC. So finding defects early, enabling agility, reducing the cost of quality to organizations, and carving a QE maturity path for every organization will be its charter.

This will also be the time for some of the biggest software glitches, which will continue to happen as applications scale, and chart their destiny. Read this report from Tricentis on this more than a billion-dollar problem!

As testing teams become an integral part of the overall unified DevOps ecosystem, test automation will gain significant ground. Why – because DevOps is all about closing the chasm between development and operations.  And, it happens by providing development the necessary infrastructure. Support to help them do their job better which is getting the software out quickly. And this can happen faster and better with the right agile tools.

In our webinar later this week, we’re going to uncover the story of test automation. We’ll talk about how test automation has taken a front seat to drive the software quality for agile teams. It has integrated itself seamlessly into the DevOps tools mix to produce high-quality software for every enterprise.

It has brought in new ways of writing test code with BDD and TDD to support larger teams like product managers and business analysts. This discussion will not be complete without talking about the open source movement and how it is driving the impact to create innovative quality solutions.

And of course, you’ll get to hear from our automation evangelists about how QMetry is on the front lines by leading the charter for a QE mindset. You’ll also get a sneak peek into the innovative test automation product suites that support large-scale automation efforts!

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