Top Software Testing Events and Conferences

Jyotirmoy Nath
January 27, 2021
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Software testing conferences and events in 2020 switched to the virtual mode amid the pandemic and social distancing norms.

With 2021 still in throes of the pandemic, many events will still take place online while some others have decided to hold them on site. Whatever be the format, there are plenty of reasons to be available for these events and attend. It is a rare opportunity to tune into a bunch of experts taking on topics such as Agile testing, DevOps, Continuous Testing, Test Automation and so on.

Conferences also help you gain insights on the leading tools and technologies to enhance your QA processes and outcomes. Here is our selection of the best software testing conferences to attend in 2021.

1. Team 2021 (Formerly Atlassian Summit)

Team 2021 is Atlassian’s flagship event rebranded and aimed at all teams, especially those seeking product knowledge and insights on the future of work.

Team 2021 is touted to be the ultimate digital experience for developers, creators, innovators and leaders. The final dates for Team 2021 are yet to be announced but it continues to feature some of the top tracks such as DevOps and Agile, Scaling for the Enterprise, Business transformation, Journey to the cloud, Teams, and culture etc. For more information, you can sign up here.

2. STAREAST Virtual

Dates: April 26-30Format: Virtual

STAREAST, one of the top software testing events organized by Techwell has now morphed into a fully virtual event. Get access to some of the best content and brains expected out of a STAR conference, from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. STAREAST Virtual will be streaming more than 90 talks that include keynotes, tutorials and sessions in an engaging and interactive virtual environment.

Some popular themes this year include Test Transformation, Big Data, Analytics, AI/Machine Learning, Testing Performance, Testing and Monitoring, Exploratory Testing, Managing Risk etc.

You can join their mailing list for more details.

3. Test Automation and Digital Virtual QA Summit

SOUTH AFRICAFEBRUARY 11 – 12 & 16, 202110:00 AM – 01:30 PM, SAST

UK & IRELANDMARCH 11-12 & 16, 202110:00 AM – 01:30 PM, GMT

The Test Automation & Digital QA Virtual Summit will occur in February and March respectively for South Africa, UK, and Ireland audiences. The events focus on current challenges and ideating on the future of software testing to prepare a better QA workforce across the industry.

4. SauceCon Online 2021

Dates: April 20-22

SauceCon is an annual event for the global Sauce Labs user community and automation testing experts. This year the conference will be a virtual one where teams and experts from the world over will come together to talk about the best practices in automated testing and continuous delivery.

5. Agile + DevOps Virtual

Date: June 6-11Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Agile + DevOps West is now fully virtual, enabling Agile and DevOps teams to access the same great content and experts from anywhere in the world on their device. Agile + DevOps Virtual will be streaming over 90+ talk that include 5 keynotes, 25 tutorials, 50+ sessions, and 14+ Industry Technical Presentations all in an engaging and interactive premium virtual atmosphere. Keynotes will be delivered by some famous names such as Mary Poppendieck, Brendan O’ Leary, Alan Crouch, Mary Thorn among others.

The conference will also feature live virtual training classes, tutorials, an expo that brings the latest in agile software development, Agile leadership summit, concurrent sessions and networking events.

6. Agile Testing Days USA

Dates: June 20-24Location: Chicago, Illinois

The Agile Testing Days USA offers a fun platform for all software engineers and testing professionals to network and connect within the agile community. The conference equips attendees with new methods and learning to take their projects to the next level.

The conference offers 7+ tracks with diverse inputs from keynotes, talks, workshops and sessions, whereas the pre-conference tutorials provide training on topics as rich as Joy of Python for Testers, web and mobile security testing etc. You can sign up here.

7. PNSQC 2021

Dates: October 11-13th

The Pacific NW Software Quality Conference celebrates its 31st year in 2021, to be held virtually. The theme for this year is ‘Coming Together.’ PNSQC’s mission is to foster knowledge exchange to produce higher quality software. As a non-profit, PNSQC aims to promote software quality by creating opportunities for information exchange and providing education.

PNSQC’s annual event offers a two-day technical program and one-day workshop that draws participants from the best Universities and Corporations around the world.

8. STARWEST Virtual + 2021

Just like other TechWell conferences, STARWEST conference is now fully virtual. It features 75+ talks—including keynotes, tutorials, and sessions all in an engaging and interactive premium virtual atmosphere.

Their impressive lineup of keynote speakers includes Dona Sarkar, Erika Chestnut, Alison Wade, Aparajita Mathur, Jenna Charlton and some iconic speakers among their featured speakers. You can register here.

9. EuroSTAR Online

Dates: 28-30 Sep 2021

EuroSTAR is Europe’s longest running software conference. The highlights of this event is the community that drives it. EuroSTAR provides a platform for software testers to network, collaborate and fulfil their potential. Around 1000 delegates attend this four-day conference that features keynotes, tutorials, 40 track sessions with some of the world’s top minds in software testing. Register here.

How can you benefit from attending these events and conferences?

Being a part of the larger community of testers and developers, it helps to gain a wider perspective on the profession by networking with peers and learning from experts. It also enhances your knowledge on the latest trends, technologies and tools in your domain. If you are interested in a specific event, read more on the links provided above to gain more information about the conference, including the format and the fees.

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