Top features to consider while selecting a tool for Mobile Test Automation

Jasmine Chokshi
November 7, 2018

Mobile development services and solutions are one of the fastest growing and innovative segments  today. Unlike traditional software, these solutions require continuous and faster development and testing. Thus, creating a need for tools to automate the mobile app testing process.

According to a report by International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide spending on mobility solutions is forecasted to reach $1.72 trillion in 2021. The highly mobile workforce and customer base is one of the key drivers of mobility and user expectations rise with every innovation.

But with rapid release cycles and new device releases flooding the market, mobile application test management and quality are now huge challenges for enterprises.

Consider some of the biggest challenges in mobile software testing:

  • A highly fragmented mobile devices market
  • Different Operating systems like iOS and Android with their multiple versions
  • Different hardware configurations, screen sizes, battery life and processing power
  • Support to native, responsive and hybrid apps

In this highly competitive mobile driven digital applications market, two factors differentiate the good from the average. One is the user experience and the other is security. Mobile software must be highly secure and ensure seamless user experience. And here automation plays an important role in reducing effort,  providing faster testing and minimizing the errors.

Here are some thoughts on effective mobile test automation that can help you select the right tool, optimize your testing and deliver great outcomes:

Object spying and repository management

You need to support a complex device ecosystem with hundreds of test cases, scenarios and scripts. Many modern test automation tools offer record and playback feature that create an object repository while recording. Your automation suite can benefit immensely from these repositories.

BDD and TDD for support

The basics of test authoring are constantly evolving to support natural language for ease of use. This allows product and business analyst teams to contribute and author test cases and manage their projects well.

Ease of scripting

Tools such as QMetry Automation Studio are designed to bring structure, efficiency and reusability to your test automation efforts. With its coded automation, our tool helps manual teams to adopt automation effortlessly with the script-less automation.

Supporting complex use cases

Your tool should cover automation of challenging use cases like mobile barcode scanning, touch ID, location spoofing and other mobile condition scenarios.


The rise in Agile and DevOps practices means your automation should support multiple integrations, be it with other test management tools, CI systems, mobile device cloud solutions and so on.


Last but not the least, custom graphs, reports and dashboards make for intelligent and informed automated testing. Decision makers should be able to access a detailed view of the exaction results and drill down to the details of individual test suits for Environment and test case information.

In a nutshell, you need to choose a testing tool that provides an end-to-end automation solution.

But also look for the following features when selecting a tool for mobile test automation:

  1. Effortless setup and easy to use automation
  2. Reduced time and effort
  3. Automated testing across devices and channels
  4. Detailed analysis and reporting

QMetry offers a mobile test automation tool; QMetry Automation Studio. It adheres to the Principles of BDD and TDD to support everyone in the Organization. The tool and its underlying framework are built upon Java and integrates TestNG, Selenium/Webdriver, Appium, and Perfecto. Owing to the framework’s advanced automation support, the test developer can rest easy about some common tasks such as thread safe browser session for running test in parallel, sophisticated reporting or to integrating the results the with test management tools. One can use the same code on different mobile device types like Android, iOS. Specifically, for mobile devices, it allows internal Object Spy to make automation process faster.

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