Top 5 test management tools inside Jira

Jyotirmoy Nath
June 3, 2020
Banner Top 5 test management tools inside Jira

Test organization and efficient management are indispensable to the overall quality of your product or release. To match the faster release velocity and high volume of production required in the era of digital transformation, everything from the processes, to resources and testing tools need to be Agile.

Many businesses using Jira to organize and manage projects and tasks within the organization can leverage test management tools that are integrated with Jira for efficiency and user-friendliness. A few reasons why you should consider using tools inside Jira for test management

  • Easier and faster user on-boarding
  • No need for new infrastructure
  • Agile teams are able to include test cases within sprint
  • Multi-location teams and interdisciplinary teams can leverage the existing Jira ecosystem
  • Extends the functionalities of Jira to cover test management

There are a number of Jira integrated test case management apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Here are some of the apps that you should consider before selecting your test management tool integrated with Jira.

QMetry Test Management for Jira

Designed for DevOps and Agile teams, QMetry Test Management for Jira is a complete test management solution aimed at bringing quality with speed to the testing lifecycle. It is a feature-rich tool with capabilities that include:

Complete Test Management

Authoring, cloning, linking, versioning and reusability within Jira

Test Cycles for Execution

Create Test Runs, carry out bulk updates, link bugs, attach screenshots and view automation test results in test runs with exceptions, clone test runs.

Record test executions faster and smartly with cycles.

Test Plan

Enable QA teams to plan and track releases with QMetry Test Plan, link multiple test cycles inside a test plan.


Make critical quality decisions using Coverage Analytics, Test Run Report and Traceability Reports, customize reports with dashboard gadgets across projects and teams.

Integration and Automation

Supports major automation frameworks like Cucumber, Junit, SpecFlow, QAF, UFT, TestNG, etc.; integration for CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Bamboo using free APIs

QMetry Test Management for Jira has a rich user experience with dashboard gadgets, folder structure hierarchy and Excel views. It supports exploratory testing with automated test case documentation and provides import/export utility and a migration tool.

You can get a 30 day trial of the QTM4J Jira app for test management.
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Test Management for Jira

Test Management for Jira is a QA and Test Management app inside Jira. It offers full requirements traceability for faster and smarter QA. Some of its key features include hierarchical folders for all test assets, intuitive UI, traceability between requirements, test cases and defects.

You can share steps between test cases for common functions and reuse test cases. It enables creation of test runs to track testing cycles, reports on test execution status and traceability.

With many cross-project reports and gadgets to track coverage, progress and quality, users can share test metrics with other teams for collaboration.

The tool also provides a powerful Rest API, and ability to integrate with CI tools, along with out of the box reports for testing progress and real-time insights.

Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr for Jira allows seamless integration of testing into the project cycle, enabling users to create, plan and execute tests from inside of Jira.

It offers many features and functions for filing, linking and tracking defects. Users can track the test execution progress in an Execution Navigator.

The tool allows integration with automation and CI tools with an API (sold separately) to access testing data programmatically. SmartBear acquired Zephyr for Jira in 2019 and now you can synchronize automated test results through SmartBear’s test automation tools.

It also provides linking folders and cycles to sprints to improve traceability and two-way end-to-end traceability reports. Zephyr gives access to a number of quality metrics for teams to configure and track, share dashboards. There are some integration options with other tools like Crowd, Capture and Confluence as well.


TestFLO enables the entire test management process in JIRA. It converts regular JIRA issues into Test Cases and Test Plans, enabling users to define tests steps, create a test plan, and execute tests from a single place.

It allows import of Test Cases from tools like such as TestLink, Zephyr, CSV, or REST. Users can execute tests from JIRA on Jenkins and Bamboo, and then automatically import the results of automated tests from other tools into Jira.

TestFLO provides full requirements traceability with a number of reports and metrics, defect tracking, smart reports module and information about test cases and defects directly on the issue view.

Users can pull automated test results from Jenkins or Bamboo to Jira with TestFLO Automation and import tests from CSV and TestLink.


The Xray app provides both manual and automated test management for QA teams using Jira. It lets users manage all tests as Jira issues allowing them to customize screens, fields and workflows. Users can specify tests in Cucumber and integrate with other test automation frameworks.

Xray allows testers to create test plans for tracking sets of tests and planned or ad-hoc executions. They can execute these tests on different environments and consolidate the results. It also enables integrating the CI tool to report test results using REST API.

The tool also offers coverage reporting and requirement test coverage. Testers can use dashboard gadgets to view test execution status and coverage.

To find other test case management tools integrate with Jira, you can visit the Atlassian marketplace. If you want to understand how to write test cases in Jira, use this comprehensive guide.

When selecting the best test case management tool for Jira, remember to check for ease of authoring and execution, reporting and traceability, reusability and automation results integration. QMetry Test Management for Jira offers all of these with a rich user experience. It includes dashboard gadgets, folder structure hierarchy and Excel views. It supports exploratory testing with automated test case documentation and provides import/export utility and a migration tool. If you are interested in evaluating QMetry for Jira, here’s your 30-day trial link.


Do test management tools inside Jira support Next-Gen template?

Jira has two different scrum and Kanban templates – classic and next-gen. Modern tools such as QMetry Test Management for Jira or QTM4J 4.0 are fully compatible with next-gen.

Why should you use Jira for test case management?

Not only is it cost effective, it is a workflow driven tool. This means that it is easier for you to track test progress in Jira and collaborate with various team members. Ideally, you should use a Jira test case management plugin or app such as QTM4J so that you can manage all requirements, defects, test cases, user stories seamlessly with linkages.

What is a test plan in Jira?

Test plan is the high-level strategy that enables end-to-end testing for any release to be deployed in production. A test plan has test cycles which may be from different builds or different environments. Test cycles have related test cases inside them. QTM4J helps testers to organize and manage test plans in a folder-structure-based hierarchy inside Jira.

How can you import test cases in Jira?

With the right test management tool, authoring test cases or importing them is a simple and easy process. For example, QTM4J has an import test case feature that enables you to import test cases from an Excel file into the QTM4J app.

How can I track test case versioning inside Jira?

The versioning functionality of QTM4J helps testers and team members to collaborate and manage several versions of test cases parallelly while maintaining the integrity of the data. You can also view the audit history of changes and audit logs functionality for a deep dive and thorough auditing of all artefacts.

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