The journey of a Fortune 500 Financial Services Organization from ALM to QMetry

Deepak Parmar
July 8, 2021
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DevOps and Continuous Testing can form that ‘magic potion’ that helps you win and shine in the finance industry. And this comes as no wonder. As Cigniti reports, “65% of banking executives now say that technologies will have the most impact on banks through 2025,” with the customer experience and customer satisfaction given the top priority. That being said, financial services have no other way but to embrace DevOps and Continuous Testing for the organization’s success as a whole.

As we know, DevOps and Continuous Testing go hand in hand. While Continuous Testing promotes test automation, it ensures quality at speed. When a Continuous Testing feedback loop is integrated with the automated CI/CD loop, the end-product excels in all parameters — quality, speed, and customer experience.

So, when the QA team at a Fortune 500 Financial Services Organization started facing pressure in the dynamic market, they evaluated several test management tools that could integrate with their in-house automation tool, Jira and Jenkins. They also wanted a hassle-free migration service to replace their existing ALM tool, which lacked integration and advanced reporting features.

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After exploring some of the top test management tools available in the market, they found QMetry Test Management (QTM) tool. In August 2019, they started evaluating QMetry Test Management (QTM) along with few others, and a year later, in August 2020, they decided to migrate to QTM.

“We were stuck with HP ALM and wanted to move out of it. QMetry seemed to have the right solution for us”

Modern tool setting the foundation right

QMetry Test Management offered modern, scalable, agile, and enterprise-grade features, along with seamless integration with test automation tools, CI/CD, and Jira. Additionally, it provided advanced reporting with visual and query-driven customization, exactly what the company was looking for. It was a win-win situation for all.

The transition: A collaborative outcome

The seamless ready-to-use integration and enterprise-grade features of QTM won the heart of the QA team at the financial organization. The smooth integration and the actionable insights in the form of reports and dashboards helped QTM score the brownie points. The two teams collaborated extensively, which resulted in a superior outcome. For example, the experts at QMetry offered dedicated eight hours of training.

The icing of the cake was QMetry’s migration utility that enabled the QA team to migrate their 56 projects in just 25 days on their own.

Ensuring seamless integration, automation, and reporting

QMetry provided simple integration with Jira for syncing stories and custom fields. It also offered SSO Integration with Oracle Access Manager. The financial organization relied on the QMetry Automation agent to trigger automation scripts in AccelQ. They used Bamboo and Automation API to import test results in QMetry. Along with this, to import test results from their in-house Selenium tool, QMetry created a translator that supports their result files. For reporting, the financial organization used QMetry’s advanced reporting by sharing dashboards and custom widgets with the Senior Management to help with actionable insights.

As their senior executive mentions,

“It was a perfect match. QMetry is the best when it comes to providing integration support with automation tools. It is easy, smooth, and my team is in love with it. Shareable dashboard URLs are absolutely the best. We are always on top of the project status without actually logging to QMetry through shareable reports.”

What the financial services organization achieved out of this collaboration?

The collaboration with QMetry helped the financial organization to:

  • Migrate 56 Projects in 25 days from HP ALM to QMetry
  • Save 40% Time that it was spending on inefficient non-testing activities
  • Save 30% overall Cost with QMetry

Some of the benefits that it received from this collaboration include:

  • Ease of Agile adoption with Enterprise-grade test management tool
  • Centralized testing tool for integrating with multiple automation tools
  • Savings in administration cost such as infrastructure and maintenance by 50%
  • Maximized testing efficiency through data parameterization and shareable test cases
  • Management gained visibility into projects with Shareable Dashboards

As the Enterprise’s Leadership put it –

“QMetry helped us with quick migration and our team instantly started using QMetry. QMetry provided us extensive training and support for the migration of our projects. Absolutely fantastic support team! Real quick, and responsive.”

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