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The Atlassian Summit 2016 – And, It’s a Wrap!

Atlassian , Atlassian Summit Oct 19, 2016

I am sure everyone’s back to base after the summit. Feet sore and follow-ups to do, but what a conference it was, yeah! First, hats off to the Atlassian team for putting up a show of that dimension. With more than 60,000 customers using Atlassian and evangelizing the products, your journey is already a huge success! I always like to think in terms of key takeaways for me from conferences, and so I will do with this one too:

  • The Sessions – Most sessions I attended were top notch, and I came out refreshed.  The ones that really impressed me were focused on the future of quality with emphasis on analytics, machine learning, Chatbots et al.
  1. Financial Engines did a great session on how they built a bot engine on top of HipChat to queue EVs for charging. Although it was specific to HipChat, there’s no stopping to connect this API to any communication or messenger engine like Slack, Skype, and others. The big learning here was the huge innovation opportunity by leveraging Atlassian tools such as HipChat, Confluence, Jira to create socially responsible business ideas!
  2. The session on building an open source culture inside an enterprise was also quite near and dear. Especially, as we at QMetry are making open source communities a priority. It was interesting to see the need for a shift in mindset to accommodate this trend. There’s a definite urgency to converge some of the open source developer best practices into our DNA, for sure!
  3. We’re big on metrics and intelligence and so are a lot of competitors. I thought QA Symphony did a really good job in addressing the emerging need for tracking analytics in a super agile world. Stay tuned to hear more from us in this area for both manual and automation quality initiatives.
  • The Booths – Although I did not get a chance to visit each one of them, there are a few that caught my ‘testing’ eye and peeked my interest. Here are a few pictures of the ones I thought had some intriguing messaging. And of course, I loved Atlassian’s ‘IDEO’ idea of inviting post-it snaps to tell the Atlassian story – I have a hero image on this blog if you are curious to know what I am talking about.
  • QMetry and Atlassian, The Road Ahead – As mentioned, this is always a great conference for us. We met more than 400 Atlassian users interested in test management and analytics centric tools, who shared their experiences and challenges. These enterprises are driving initiatives in both manual and automated testing, the latter with heavy focus on agile. We also had some great conversations with analysts and other communities around the future of software quality. Applying the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence to testing was definitely a story they wanted to hear. QMetry’s Wisdom for Jira which provides deep seated analytics and coverage for automation efforts for example, was quite sought after. Our Atlassian journey began very recently with QMetry for Jira (test management inside Jira) and QMetry Wisdom for Jira (test analytics for automation initiatives inside Jira). But in this conference it was very clear that we’re looking at huge opportunity to help the Atlassian community.
img_4196 img_4192 img_4195

And yes, my favorite quote from the CEO Fireside Chat – “Values are what never changes. Culture is the way work gets done, and that does change over time.”

Looking forward to the next summit!

Rutesh Shah

Rutesh Shah

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