Test Automation Framework: The Key to a Bigger and Better Automation

Deepak Parmar
May 28, 2017

The Need for a Test Automation Framework

We’ve been talking about automated testing and our test automation framework quite a bit lately. We believe that a solid automation strategy followed by AI and Machine Learning will be the biggest future trends. As our customers’ transition from manual to automated testing, they do come across several types of challenges related to the right automation skill set, disparate test environments, and a seamless integration of the automation tool stack in the overall DevOps setting.

DevOps redefines the SDLC process. Quality teams are now  part of  DevOps teams, and they are not waiting to the end of the build to test. Testing happens real time, along sides development in an agile fashion. We termed this movement, as a shift from QA to QE or Quality Engineering.

The Traits of a Perfect Framework

At QMetry we believe that it is necessary to rethink the tool set to support this Quality Engineering mindset. A framework based approach to quality might have the answers. A well-designed framework can lower the development costs and reduce maintenance efforts. Moreover, it should offer more modularity and extensibility to create a robust automation strategy. Finally, it should offer comprehensive integrations. A perfect framework is unified, provides complete authoring support, is open source, reusable, scalable, integration-friendly with comprehensive reporting.

So, in that context, we aim to meet the demands of the modern DevOps teams. Thus, we introduced a framework approach to automated testing. QMetry Automation Framework is the first open source automation framework that spans the web, mobile and web services. It provides a universal solution to address the most common challenges related to testing complex web, mobile web, and mobile native or hybrid applications.

Design Principles of QMetry Automation Framework (QAF)

The Unifying Force – QMetry test automation framework is designed to become a unifying force by integrating a plethora of different toolsets like TestNG, Selenium, Appium, SOAPUI, etc.

The Return to Simplicity – It is component based and is very well suited for today’s modern micro services enterprise. It’s design is such to support larger business and product enterprise teams with robust Behavior Driven Development principles.

Locale Sensitivity and Intelligence – Of course, any framework that does not provide the overarching analytics and intelligence can be only half useful. Our automation framework completes that loop by ensuring intelligent reporting along with offering locale support for web services that are running in more than one country.

Click on QAF and QMetry to learn more on our product offerings and their attributes. If you would like to understand how QAF can help to support your overall automation need, write to us.

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