Software Testing Quiz -1

Harshal Vora
June 14, 2019

We are happy to kickstart QMetry’s Quality Quiz with the most fundamental quiz that tests your knowledge on all things software testing.

As a tester you have the responsibility of the overall quality of an application. This requires testing at various stages of application development with specific test types and integration.

Check how familiar you are with the testing practices from all phases of the SDLC. Our Quality Quiz will be a regular feature on the website. Stay tuned for future tests.

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#1 When prioritizing the order of what to test, your main objective should be to:

#2 The IEEE 829 test plan documentation standard consists all of the following except:

#3 Ideally, test cases are designed during:

#4 Top-down and bottom-up approaches in integration testing refer to:

#5 Which one of the following is generally not included in a unit test standard?

#6 Which type of security test or tools include the process of exploiting software vulnerabilities?

#7 The approach of testing in production that entails automated tests mimicking expected user actions and paths is known as:

#8 When a new testing tool is purchased, it should be first used by:

#9 The defect management process doesn’t include:

#10 What is the correct sequence to test execution:

#11 Which among the following factors are/is used by the Test Manager to decide if the application is ready for production?

#12 The results of which software testing type qualify KPIs such Response time, throughput, number of users and error rate?

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Want to understand how to use Jira for test management? Read our article "How to implement effective Test Case Management in Jira".

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