Software Quality in the Times of DevOps: A UK Star Primer

Deepak Parmar
February 24, 2017

The Changing Scope of Software Quality

We’re excited to be heading to the UK Star next week in London! Don’t forget to swing by the QMetry booth where we will talk about some of our newest innovation in test management and automated testing, especially as it plays in with the larger DevOps ecosystem. Software quality space is changing rapidly, and needless to say then that the role of software testers and testing itself is undergoing a significant redefinition.

Why is this happening? Because we are dealing with a brand new face of the software application. This application has to work on multiple devices, and channels the right way, scale across multiple cloud-based environments to support the growing demand the right way and have the capability to listen to the pulse of customer real time to make rapid feature introductions with minimal noise.

What Does It Mean for Testers?

This topic will be covered in great depth at the UK Star by several noted speakers. But, this new software scape brings forward a new imperative for testers and testing. In our recent infographic on automated testing, we talked about how there’s a transition happening from manual to automated testing quite rapidly with a need to support demanding applications. And this means that manual testers will have to reinvent.  Hence, they will need a transition path to move from traditional manual testing constructs to automation and beyond. At QMetry, we have been anticipating this problem and preparing for it. Read about how some of our technology and innovation is helping to cross the chasm.

What does It Mean for Testing?

You know this already – DevOps is the new way software is happening.  As a result, the barriers between IT and operations are narrowing. This enables development teams to bring bigger and bolder features to life quickly. Quality is playing a very critical role to bring flawless applications to market. And, of course, a lot of this is only possible with automation and its seamless integration with the overall DevOps ecosystem. Quality will have to be not only very fast but also very proactive and intelligent. And this is where most software testing will be headed in the years to come.

Stop by QMetry’s booth to talk about some of the latest innovation in test automation we’ve been doing to play in with the larger DevOps ecosystem. Ask for a demo of our QMetry Automation Studio which is a flagship product of QMetry’s Automation Framework.

See you in London!

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