2019 – The Year of QMetry

Deepak Parmar
December 11, 2018

Great products are not built overnight. Innovation takes time. It takes much
internal research, trial and error before you are happy with a
release-ready product. Making great software products in our opinion
requires a mix of these: passion, expertise, customer insight and being
ahead of the curve.

As the new year draws closer, we are excited to share our vision and give
you a sneak preview of the roadmap for some of our core products at QMetry.
While we can’t spill all the beans yet, we can sufficiently give you a
teaser of the exciting year that’s planned – 2019 – the year of QMetry.

The QMetry Digital Quality Platform comprises QMetry Test Management,
QMetry Automation Studio and QMetry Test Management for Jira, each solving
unique test management, automation and agile testing challenges.
Our tools are versatile, provide end-to-end test management, a great
interface, integration with virtually all CI/CD and automation tools,
complex visual analysis of data, dashboard gadgets, traceability,
reusability and highly customized intelligent reports.

What is Next?

But we are now ready to take it to the next level, and give you a
competitive edge by adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to
the mix. Supported by

intelligent test automation

, our platform is now ready to empower your test management capabilities
with data-driven and AI/ML led testing. With this, we are bringing a new
approach to continuous testing supported by our products and aligned
QMetry Test Management – our flagship tool allows Agile teams to experience
the power of continuous testing. Its key features are multiple integrations
with CI/CD, project management tools, enabled and highly customized
reporting and visual analysis.

You can now enable intelligent test creation using AI/ML capabilities for
model-based testing, auto-generation of test cases, continuous learning
through the real time test data and predicting outcomes and prescribing
best alternatives to improve software quality.

Actionable Intelligence: QMetry Digital Quality Platform is going to
deliver on the promise of predictive and prescriptive QA. With in-built AI
and ML capabilities, the platform has the power to analyze big data, track
feedback loops real-time and predict outcomes and suggest improvements on
the go. The net outcome is quality shifting left with fewer errors, better
test coverage and real-time traceability.

QMetry Test Management will support even a larger number of
integrations with external tools. But now it has the added ability to
generate more intelligence from CI/CD and test automation tools. With
features for automated documentation of exploratory testing, risk-based
testing, early availability of test environments and data driven
execution for increased coverage, you gain immense value from a faster
and smarter test cycle.

You will see exciting external tool integration including those for
performance testing in the upcoming months. This of course, results in faster time to market and increased ROI.

QMetry Automation Studio is the leading test automation tool that provides
advanced test automation capabilities and unified test automation for
DevOps teams. The big news at QMetry Automation Studio front is the
language support is now extended to include Java, Python, Java Script, Type
Script (and support for C# in the pipeline.)

QMetry Automation Studio’s upcoming feature – test designer enables
automatic recording and code generation with support for web, mobile native
apps and web service. (Windows Desktop coming as well in 2019). Features
like locator repository, parallel execution on cloud and local and
integration with most source code repositories, you are set for a seamless
and intuitive test automation experience. Whether you are new to test
automation, transitioning from manual or using advanced test automation –
it will make the process simpler and smarter.

We are promising a much improved and truly DevOps enabled experience to QA
teams by challenging the status quo. The question is, are you ready to make
the most of what a smarter testing tool has to offer?

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