QMetry Test Management New Release v8.5.6

Disha Thakkar
March 5, 2020
QMetry Test Management V8.5.6 Release

We marched into the month of March with a major cloud deployment of QMetry Test Management v8.5.6 release with zero down time. This ensured that there were no customer disruptions.

At QMetry, we practice what we preach and use Agile and automated deployments to the speed up the frequency of our releases but never losing sight of quality. All the while ensuring that customers get high quality builds without business disruption or downtime so there is minimum impact when we release a new version.

Our latest release has major feature upgrades as well as performance improvements for our customers.

Performance Improvements

  • QMetry Application is now supported on Safari Browser.
  • QMetry Installation is now compatible with Open JDK 11 & & Apache tomcat 9.x.
  • Export up to 1 million records of the traceability report to CSV and Excel
  • Jira Integration support for versions 8.7, 8.6 and 8.5
  • Jira Integration – Project configuration and Syncing Jira issues
  • Copying test suites along with associated platforms, release & cycles


Issue Module

  • Introduced Issue Module for projects synced with Jira. This will allow testers to view/update Jira issues directly from QMetry (except workflow status).
  • QMetry now saves user Jira credentials and uses them for authenticating updates made to Jira issues. Users can modify/revoke their saved Jira credentials from Jira Integration page.
  • Issue module allows you to have bi-directional integration between QMetry and Jira, which means you can add and edit issues from QMetry to Jira. Issues added / edited in Jira will be reflected in QMetry. At the same time, users can create, view, and modify issues in the QMetry that will be synced in Jira.

    QTM New Release 8.5.6 - Image 1

  • Users can perform the following tasks in the Issue module –
    • View/Add/Modify Jira issue details, comments and attachments
    • Map Jira custom fields with QMetry
    • Issues logged from the execution screen
  • Issue System Reports – Issue Summary, Issue Open vs Closed – Cumulative & Issue Trend Over Time will now display issues synced for Jira integrated projects.

    QTM New Release 8.5.6 - Image 2

  • Sync Jira Epics as requirements with support for limited fields.
  • Find more details on – Projects using Jira integration for Issue (Bug) Tracking

Test Executions Upgrades

  • Track test case executions as “Manual” or “Automated” by setting the new “Execution Type” field on execution screen.

    QTM New Release 8.5.6 - Image 3

  • Ability to search assets in filters by using comma separated entity IDs.
  • Test execution screen now allows testers to resize test case columns to view complete details.
  • Export test assets with only required field that are visible on the list grid; instead of all the fields.

Part 11 Compliance Authentication

  • Introduced “Part 11 Compliance Authentication” for E-signature enabled projects. This option would enable mandatory authentication for test case approval, test suite run status change to in-progress/closed and test case execution status change.
  • When the Part 11 Compliance feature is enabled, users get authentication pop-up. They can carry respective operations only after entering correct username and password.

    QTM New Release 8.5.6 - Image 4

  • If users change execution status of multiple test cases through Bulk Operation, then the authentication pop-up appears only once. Users must enter Username and Password to authenticate themselves. On successful authentication of the user, the execution status of test case gets changed. If the user is failed in authentication, the execution status of test case will not get changed.

Improvements to Bulk Execute screen.

  • View platform details and its attributes by clicking the platform name.
  • Bulk assign test cases to testers for execution.
  • Set “Execution Type” in bulk to track execution type as “Manual” or “Automated”.

    QTM New Release 8.5.6 - Image 5

Rest API Changes

Above features as well few bug fixes required changes at the API level. The same changes are reflected in the Rest API.

You can find all the release note with more details by Clicking Here.

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