QMetry Test Management 8.8 – making multilevel approval workflow possible

Deepak Parmar
June 7, 2021
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For compliance driven organizations, documentation is important and audit trails of various development processes are mandatory. There is no exception for software developed for managing compliance driven transactions, user interactions, and data. Quality assurance being an integral process, maintaining the audit trail of test projects is a key requirement.

QMetry Test Management’s e-signature module enables testing organizations with multilevel review and approval workflow. Here are some of the key features to consider:

  • Introduced multilevel requirement review workflow to ensure that the linked test cases are authored to cover all use cases of the requirement
  • Add one or more users at each level if there are multiple reviewers in the organization to enable Multilevel Approval workflow for Test cases/Test Executions
  • Requirement updates tracked within QMetry as well as Jira with status updated based on requirement changes or review completed
  • Review or request changes to requirements using bulk operations
  • New reports
    • Requirement Reviewer Workflow Status – View requirement, its linked test cases, and execution status along with their review and approval details
    • My Pending Requirement to Review – List of requirements pending for review at my “Level” or my review
    • My Pending Test Cases to Approve – List of test cases pending at my approver level for action
    • My Pending Test Execution to Approve/Close – List of test executions pending at my approver level for approval/closure

QMetry’s eSignature module is developed keeping some of the key regulatory guidelines like 21CFR Part 11 in mind. The provisions suggested in such compliances are core building blocks for this feature. This is a compelling reason for compliant organizations from Healthcare, Banking, Financial services or Insurance to choose QMetry Test Management.

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