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Jyotirmoy Nath
August 12, 2021
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Test management is the process of organizing and managing testing activities in order to ensure that the software application is tested thoroughly. To create a high-quality software application, the method entails planning, controlling, ensuring traceability, and visibility of the testing process. It makes sure that the software testing process goes smoothly.

The test management process has become the focus of attention as testing teams work with development teams to release finished products within tighter deadlines.

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#1 Which of these defines Test Management?

#2 Can modern test management tools perform both manual and automated testing?

#3 Why are test reports important in Test management?

#4 What are the processes involved in Test Management?

#5 “Test management tools speed up the testing process and result in a better product.” Is this statement true or false?

#6 Which of these is not true about end-to-end traceability?

#7 Which of these is NOT true of Exploratory Testing?

#8 Which of these is a tool for test management?

#9 Which of these is a feature of QMetry Test Management tool?

#10 “Compliance testing is critical to ensure regulatory compliance of an application in the market.” Is this statement true or false?

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