QMetry Quality Quiz – New Year Edition

Jasmine Chokshi
December 31, 2020

Ring out the old, ring in the new. What better way to kickstart 2021 than with a fresh, new QMetry Quality Quiz. If you are back from your holiday, here are some interesting and fun questions on all things Software Quality to warm up as you start work again.

And here’s some QQBOT wisdom for 2021: “Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known”

QMetry Quality Quiz – New Year Edition

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#1 Test cases are designed during which of the following stages?

#2 Which of the following is not a Test Type?

#3 Testing of software with actual data and in actual environment is known as?

#4 Which of the following is the main purpose of the integration strategy for integration testing in the small?

#5 Which of the following statements about component testing is FALSE?

#6 Which of the following is NOT true of test coverage criteria?

#7 Testing of individual components by the developers are comes under ________________ .

#8 What is Cyclomatic complexity?

#9 The extent to which the software can operate correctly despite invalid inputs is called

#10 A set of inputs, execution preconditions and expected outcomes is known as a

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Want to understand how to use Jira for test management? Read our article "How to implement effective Test Case Management in Jira".

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