QMetry Quality Quiz- Exploratory Testing

Jyotirmoy Nath
December 22, 2021
QMetry Quality Quiz- Exploratory Testing

Why Exploratory Testing? As DevOps is fast becoming a mainstream strategy for Global 2000 organizations, there is a rush to create a deploy-on-demand framework. Testing now plays a more critical role than ever. Organizations benefit tremendously from the insight that exploratory testing unravels. Exploratory Testing is a software testing approach that is often defined as simultaneous learning, test design and execution.

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#1 Which of these defines Exploratory Testing?

#2 “Exploratory testing is all about tester autonomy. Tester simply open the application and start exploring”. Is this statement true or false?

#3 Which of these best describes the Exploratory testing process?

#4 What is the main challenge for testers?

#5 Which of these is a disadvantage of exploratory testing?

#6 How does Exploratory testing help Agile teams?

#7 Which of these is a difference between scripted testing and exploratory testing?

#8 What are the benefits of exploratory testing with QMetry?

#9 Which of these is a tool for Exploratory testing?

#10 When should you use exploratory testing?

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