QMetry Quality Quiz: Do you DevOps?

Jasmine Chokshi
February 11, 2020
QMetry Quiz: Do you DevOps

DevOps is not a role, it is a culture! How often have we heard this oft-quoted phrase? Indeed DevOps has come a long way and most practitioners are rightly proud of their knowledge and adoption of this practice. But once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the basics and find out how DevOps-savvy you are?

So here it is, our DevOps quiz with some easy questions, some intriguing ones and some thought-provoking questions that make you think hard and long about the best practices and wider beliefs. Take a look:

DevOps Quiz

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#1 Which one of the following methodologies does least impact the establishment of DevOps methodology?

#2 In a DevOps organization which one of the following elements does not directly contribute to your value stream?

#3 What are the steps in Continuous Integration?

#4 Which of the following is NOT true of continuous integration in Agile?

#5 Which is not the advantage of DevOps?

#6 What are the success factors for Continuous Integration?

#7 Which among allows timely identification of problems or weaknesses and quick corrective action that helps reduce expenses of an organization?

#8 What is the correct flow of the CICD pipeline?

#9 What is the preferred way of dev and ops teams sharing tools?

#10 DevOps means?

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