QMetry Quality Quiz – DevOps Testing

Jyotirmoy Nath
October 5, 2021

Each organization is unique, with its own set of expectations and challenges in DevOps adoption. For enterprise DevOps, it is vital to rethink testing approaches to achieve agility at scale. Traditionally, testing has been perceived as a bottleneck in SDLC, something that causes delays in delivery. Organizations have long adopted the Agile/DevOps model, but not without its pitfalls and stumbling blocks, especially in achieving the ideal speed/quality balance.

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#1 Which of these defines DevOps?

#2 What cultural shift does DevOps denote?

#3 Which of these best describes the DevOps process loop?

#4 What is the main challenge that QA Testing teams face in DevOps?

#5 Which of these is NOT a DevOps best practice?

#6 What are the key components of DevOps testing?

#7 Fill in the blanks- “DevOps Testing is not _____?

#8 What are the benefits of testing in DevOps?

#9 Which of these is a DevOps testing tool?

#10 Which are the concepts of testing in DevOps

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